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SPEC-D OE Replacement Fog Lights LF-CRV10CR

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OE Replacement Fog Lights | Clear
2010-2017 Honda CR-V
  • Includes harness, switch & relay
  • Sold as a pair
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Ships Mar 31st - Apr 4th


  • Direct-fit replacement
  • Helps you see in the fog, rain, and snow
  • Available with smoke, clear, or amber lenses - Great for driving in all conditions
  • Waterproof - no leaking happening with these puppies!
  • Backed by a 90 day warranty - SPEC-D has your back!

If you're tired of hitting deer while driving at night, SPEC-D replacement fog lights will solve this problem. Without having decent fog lights, it's hard to see those nocturnal critters running across the road. Although you have plenty of venison stocked up in the freezer, I think your vehicle would appreciate living without hitting another big horned mammal. These are also great products if you want to replace your foggy, hazy, or cracked fog lights. Just because they are fog lights doesn't mean you want foggy looking ones!

The reason the SPEC-D replacement fog lights are so great and work so well in fog is because they are aimed downward and are mounted closer to the ground so that the light doesn't bounce back up at you. This gives you better vision and safer driving, especially in foul weather! Although you may have to drive like a granny due to the road conditions, at least you'll be able to see the lines of the road.

Spec-D replacement fog lights are available in a plethora of styles. From projectors with LED halos, to fog-piercing amber lens OE style replacements, and even smoked variants for that sinister appearance! Many different options to make your vehicle look great and also help out your vision while driving.

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90 Day Warranty

SPEC-D replacement fog lights have a 90 day warranty. If you have any questions please call us at 877-216-5446.


How do you install the SPEC-D replacement fog lights you ask? This is how:

1. Read the instructions

2. Follow the instructions (don't forget to have some fun while doing this)

3. Take a break

4. Finish installation

5. Turn on

(Some professional help may be needed to install the SPEC-D fog lights)

PDF Icon SPEC-D Fog Lights Installation Instructions