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EGR Spoilers

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EGR Truck Cab Spoiler
EGR Truck Cab Spoiler
Only:  $195.99  
EGR Winglet Spoiler
EGR Winglet Spoiler
Only:  $139.99  

EGR Spoilers

EGR spoilers are a great addition to any truck, plus they come with free shipping. They are a favorite accessory because it’s an easy way to add a sporty edge to your rig’s personality. EGR winglets are formed with lightweight, yet enduring polyurethane and its matte black color has just a bit of gleam.

There comes a time when we step back, take a look at our ride, and (as much as we love it) we want to add a truck cab winglet. We don’t blame you. While they don’t do much as far as function, they add a striking and showy quality to your rigs overall appearance. EGR spoilers are also practically effortless to install. They use strong 3M tape to adhere to the truck cab. So, if you are left wondering why they come with instructions, could probably just use them for kindling in your next bonfire.