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We are a fun, passionate, dedicated, exciting and slightly wacky group of people. Each member of the RealTruck team plays a vital and important role. The RealTruck Core Values help lead and guide us on our mission to make peoples lives and vehicles better. We let the principles of our core values guide us. We hope to give our customers, partners and staff the absolute best possible experience. Here"s a little about each of us. But first, check out RealTruck"s Corporate Professionalism. Well, actually it"s more like a fun at work video.

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Photo of Alana Ratz

Alana Ratz

  • Controller
  • I have been married longer than I have not been married
  • I have two sons who make me proud - most of the time
  • I try really hard to be organized but typically fail miserably at it
  • I'm really looking forward to a reliable auto-piloted vehicle
  • I am a CPA with my MBA which just means that I went to school too long and take tests well
Photo of Alexandra Heisler

Alexandra Heisler

  • Customer Loyalty Specialist
  • Body modification is my passion. I'm a tattoo apprentice at Prairie Wynde Tattoo & Art Studio
  • My significant other and I have been together since middle school
  • I really like cats. Oh, and by the way Nate A., Star Trek is still better
  • Legend has it, if you give an Alexandra some chocolate and coffee she'll want to be your friend
  • I've had six surgeries on my left wrist and have a wicked scar to show for it
  • "I don't know where I'm going, but I'm on my way" - Carl Sagan
Photo of Amanda Schmitt

Amanda Schmitt

  • Solutions Specialist
  • My favorite colors are Kelly and Hunter Green
  • Sons of Anarchy and Grey's Anatomy are some of my favorite TV shows
  • I have a son named Jackson
  • Have had a love for WWE wrestling my entire life
  • I am a HUGE New England Patriots and Boston Red Sox fan!
  • Even though I grew up in the Twin Cities, I was the rebel and went to the University of North Dakota and was a sorority girl at Alpha Chi Omega
Andre Palmier

André Palmier

  • Email Marketing Specialist
  • I"m a gun nut
  • I give my dogs people names (Steve & Bryan)
  • I can believe it's not butter
  • Bacon is proof that God exists and wants me to be happy
  • 42

Photo of Andrew Huber

Andrew Huber

  • Digital Marketing Specialist
  • I love square dancing
  • I play around 10 hours of Mario a week
  • I like to lift things up & put them down
  • I'm a totally serious person
  • I'm quite the sports fan
  • Double Bubble's #1 fan
Angie Fraser

Angie Fraser

  • Director of Strategic Planning
  • Liverpool FC fan. Go Reds!
  • Spend lots of time watching my daughter play hockey in the winter
  • Disney World is my favorite place to vacation with my family
  • I'm a huge fan of trance music. The first big EDM festival I went to was Tomorrowland and it was AMAZING!
  • Lived in Florida for 7 years
Antinea Ascione

Antinea Ascione

  • Marketing Manager
  • A lactose-intolerant cheese lover
  • I swear I have Misophonia. And I swear Misophonia is real
  • I've frequently considered becoming a vegetarian, but then I eat an 8oz ribeye...
  • SciFi and fantasy fiction > all other fiction genres
Austin Gensburger

Austin Gensburger

  • Customer Loyalty Specialist
  • I have four dogs, two cats, and a rabbit
  • I have one beautiful daughter named Isyss
  • I am a die hard Minnesota vikings fan, and they break my heart every year
  • Favorite food is crab cakes
Benjamin Grindheim

Benjamin Grindheim

  • Customer Loyalty Specialist
  • My world revolves around my kids
  • I love to ride dirt-bikes
  • I have a passion for working on off-road trucks
  • Love to hunt and ice fish
  • Favorite saying is, "Family comes above all"
Bonnie Schielke

Bonnie Schielke

  • Customer Loyalty Specialist Backend
  • Married to a wonderful husband Tom
  • We have three fur babies, a dog named Gypsy, and two cats, Scooter and Joe
  • I love small town living
  • Remember the Golden Rule!
Photo of Breonna Bergstrom

Breonna Bergstrom

  • Social Media Guru
  • Proud Cobber alumni
  • Proud, Sherlock, LOTR, and Harry Potter fan
  • I collect old copies of classic novels
  • Kristin Chenoweth is my spirit animal
  • When I sit in my desk chair, my feet don't touch the ground #shortpeopleproblems
  • If I could meet three famous people they would be Lin-Manuel Miranda, Sir Ian McKellen, and Benedict Cumberbatch

Photo of Carrie Gammell

Carrie Gammell

  • Customer Loyalty Specialist
  • Been to every airport in United States- United Flight Attendant
  • Best son in the world "Jake" hates the State Farm Commercial "Jake from State Farm."
  • Lived in Japan- Kon Ni Chi Wa
  • Lived in Hawaii-Aloha, Mahalo
  • Lived in Chicago. GO BEARS, CUBBIES!
  • Lou Malnati's has the best pizza and Portillo"s has the best Italian Beef in Chicago
Cathy Scott

Cathy Scott

  • Accounts Payable
  • Married to my best friend, John, for half my life
  • I have four boys that all enhance the joy in my life
  • Planning to go to Ireland for my 25th wedding anniversary
  • I have a small black poodle named Jasmine, affectionately referred to as a ninja terrorist
  • Terrified of heights, but need to zip line
  • "If you don't stand for something, you'll fall for anything"

Chad Bolte

Chad Bolte

  • Vendor Relations Director
  • Married to Debbie, children Charlie and Rachel
  • Good food with good company is hard to beat
  • "The road to success is always under construction." - Arnold Palmer
  • Star Wars over Star Trek and Katsup should be banned

Photo of Chris Goltz

Chris Goltz

  • Web Developer
  • I have a wife and two kids.
  • I love to solve Rubik"s Cubes
  • When I"m not programming, I"m usually reading Sci-Fi or Fantasy
  • I love learning - anything
Photo of Curtis Renner

Curtis Renner

  • Brand Manager Assistant
  • Anything with an engine can and should have a turbo
  • I'm a gun enthusiast. Pew pew pew.
  • Tacos are the best kind of food. And bacon. And cheesecake. And brownies. I'm hungry...
  • Every car I've ever owned (and a few of my wife's, but don't tell her) has been on a racetrack at least once
Photo of Danielle Claeys

Danielle Claeys

  • Assistant Customer Service Manager
  • I have a daughter and three fur babies
  • My favorite color is green...or blue...or maybe purple?
  • Moved to Jamestown after spending nine years in Fargo
  • Proud wife of a volunteer fireman
Debi Reberg

Debi Reberg

  • Customer Service Manager
  • Love all things paranormal and have traveled great distances to find ghosts
  • I have three kids, two grandkids, two birds, and a Mini Doxie
  • Master practical joker - I love to jump out and scare people!
  • I really dislike monkeys. Yes, monkeys, apes, gorillas, chimpanzees, etc
  • My favorite food is popcorn!
  • Love tattoos - I have quite a few!

Photo of Debra Whetham

Debra Whetham

  • Customer Loyalty Specialist Backend
  • My goal in life is to be a crazy cat lady
  • I love to read
  • I have two daughters and one husband (one of those is enough!!)
  • I thought I was a fairly nice person until I realized how many of those horrible e-cards I related to and found hilarious
  • When all else fails.... take a nap
  • Surround yourself with tacos not negativity
Photo of Derek Scott

Derek Scott

  • Web Developer
  • I am real people person
  • Red is my favorite color
  • I ❤ Taylor Swift
Photo of Don Pich

Don Pich

  • Information Systems Manager
  • I have three grown children who are out in the wild and on their own
  • Been in IT for way too long
  • Retired fire fighter and EMT
  • Have a Pommeranian/Terrier mix that is way too spoiled
  • As a hobby, I get Windows games to work on Linux
Edward Jackson

Ed Jackson

  • Solutions Specialist
  • Married with no kids
  • I have a dog named Oreo and a cat called Snickers
  • I enjoy spending time with my family
  • Working for is just a temporary gig for me. Soon I will start my plan to become the Supreme Dictator of the World
Eric Miner

Eric Miner

  • System Analyst
  • I was an extra in the movie The Goonies
  • I want to open up Fargo's first Barcade. I just need the start up capital #takingdonations
  • I work out at least once a year
  • Dumbledore dies on page 596
Eric Paulson

Eric Paulson

  • Web Developer
  • Father of three fun-loving goofball children.
  • My wife and I are geeky, nerdy, childish, and somewhat insane. But happily insane.
  • I read horror, sci-fi, and science books whenever I can
  • In my spare time, I like to cross-stitch and crochet geeky things like video game and sci-fi characters
  • I am addicted to popcorn, and am constantly working to perfect the art of movie theater popcorn

Eric Rivera

Eric Rivera

  • Bilingual Customer Loyalty Specialist
  • Loves to listen to Spanish and country music
  • My favorite colors are black and white
  • Love to cook!
  • I have two brothers and three sisters
Photo of Eric Veralrud

Eric Veralrud

  • Brand Manager Assistant
  • NDSU alumni! HORNS UP!
  • Grew up in a racing family. I enjoy being around the dirt-track scene.
  • Fall is my favorite season. I spend this time hunting and watching football!
  • I am a big country music fan. Gary Allen is one of my favorites!
Photo of Jakob Barnard

Jakob Barnard

  • IT Support
  • Have you tried turning it off and on again?
  • Volunteer firefighter/Training Officer @ Jamestown Rural FD
  • I brew my own beer!
  • Camping with my wife and son is one of my favorite family activities
  • Taco aficionad

Jason Lavold

Jason Lavold

  • Videographer & Editor
  • I have two great kids, Max and Lauren
  • My entire fall is spent up in treestand. I try to bowhunt as much as possible
  • I enjoy collecting watches but I never wear them
  • My dream car has always been a mid 90's Dodge Viper. Blue with white stripes
  • I have a huge apprecation for old single cab Ford trucks with saddle blanket seats
Jeannie Davis

Jeannie Davis

  • Customer Loyalty Specialist
  • Anything outdoors is great with me
  • I have helped a turtle cross the road, but still don't know why the chicken did...
  • Complete animal nut (see above)
  • I have two amazing children and two beautiful grandchildren
  • "Coffee makes everything better"
Jeff Vanlaningham

Jeff Vanlaningham

  • The President
  • Married to Heidi, children Mark, Abby, Ella
  • Take funk, jazz, disco and sprinkle with soul, that's my musical taste
  • Been in 46 states, and looking to add more. I'm coming for you Arkansas.
  • I don't mean to brag but I once lip synched and air guitared Skynyrds "Free Bird" and it felt awesome
  • Star Wars is king, but tombstone has its place in my collection as well

Photo of Jeffrey Barron

Jeffrey Barron

  • Dev Manager
  • I have more Macs and iPhones than I need (but not as many as I want)
  • My collection of white v-neck undershirts is impressive...and boring
  • I drink way more Coke Zero than a human should safely consume
  • I watched Star Wars Episode I at Mann's Chinese Theatre in LA on opening day (thanks to some friends who started THE line)
  • I regret seeing Star Wars Episode I. Period. End of story. Please don't ask.
  • My library of "to watch" television shows borders on the obsessive
Jenn Powers

Jenn Powers

  • Order Fullfillment Specialist
  • Married to Jon
  • I have one fearless daughter
  • I am a Green Bay Packers fan
  • My favorite color is purple
  • I love playing softball
Jenn Sloan

Jenn Sloan

  • Order Fullfillment Lead
  • I am always right, just ask me!
  • Proud wife and mother of three and one son-in-law
  • Has two dogs and a fat cat
  • Hates bugs!

Jill Verke

Jill Verke

  • Accounts Receivable
  • I have an amazing son, Kale
  • I could live off of pickles and beef jerky
  • Loves to vacation someplace warm in the middle of winter
  • There's nothing better than laying on the couch watching football on Sundays
  • Cat lover
John Scott

John Scott

  • Product Installation Specialist & Ebay Sales
  • Married to Cathy for 20 years
  • Have 4 pretty awesome boys
  • Love old trucks
  • What if the Hokey-Pokey really is all that it"s about?
Johnny Jerome

Johnny Jerome

  • Customer Loyalty Specialist - Day Lead
  • I speak fluent Movie Quotes
  • I was in the United States Marine Corps for five years
  • I love riding Motorcycle
  • I am a cofounder of an annual fundraiser for animals
  • I have never seen a work culture more awesome than
Photo of Jon Allen

Jon Allen

  • Web Developer
  • My favorite game is chess.
  • I ride my bicycle to work every day.
  • I have three super-fun kids.
  • I was married in a castle in Storybook Land.
Jordan Buermann

Jordan Buermann

  • Web Developer
  • Married to some lady
  • President of Buermann Presents
  • My spirit animal is a penguin
  • Addicted to grape Kickstart
Josh Deltener

Josh Deltener

  • Director of IT
  • Justin"s twin brother (the better looking one).
  • Married with 3 kids (1 boy, 2 girls - the boy and a girl being twins)
  • I met my wife while she was on vacation in Fargo. 3 months after meeting her, I moved to Vail, CO. so we could get to know each other. 3 years later, we married and moved back to Fargo.
  • It was me, not Al Gore who created the internet.. So, you"re welcome.
  • I enjoy storm chasing, Chinese food, programming, designing websites, widgets, turn-key solutions, and enterprise cloud infrastructure assembly integrations.
  • I secretly want to be a Ninja

Photo of Joshua Bartholomew

Joshua Bartholomew

  • System Admin
  • I come from a big family. (No, seriously, I have more than 65 cousins!)
  • Third generation Air Force service member, Fifth generation military
  • Oi, mate! Got your wellies? I went to a British infant school
  • I ride my bike 40 miles every April for charity
  • Saint John Paul II is my hero
  • Patiently waiting to gladly embrace our robot overlords

Justin Deltener

Justin Deltener

  • Vice President
  • Have an amazing wife and two crazy boys
  • Been "trying" to play guitar for about 20 years
  • Live in a 100+ year old farmhouse we're renovating
  • Deathly allergic to cats. Even a tiny scratch that isn't even visible will look like a mosquito bite
  • I practiced Jiu-Jitsu with Steven Segal on the set of Deadly Ground

Photo of Justin Hanson

Justin Hanson

  • IT Support
  • My first truck was a Chevy Impala, yes it was treated like a truck going through corn fields and down MMRs that no car should go
  • If I'm not in the office, you'll find me hunting in the field or fishing in the boat
  • I used to be a fishing guide
  • Graduate of North Dakota State University.
Photo of Justin Twogood

Justin Twogood

  • Web Content Writer
  • I'm a Subaru fanatic
  • Would spend all day in the Badlands. North Dakota isn't flat!
  • Love animated movies with UP being my all-time favorite
  • Had an Adventure Time themed wedding
  • Favorite cake is Funfetti
  • I'm left handed and pick where I sit carefully
Katelyn Boyd

Katelyn Boyd

  • HR Assistant
  • Been with my high school sweetheart since 2008
  • My family is my whole world!
  • Turtles are my favorite! If there was one in the street I would stop to save it
  • I do not like chocolate at all. Not even chocolate milk
  • I am slightly obsessed with Dancing with the Stars
  • Tattoos are therapeutic
Katie Rowell

Katie Rowell

  • Brand Manager
  • Married my husband Joey in September 2016
  • Has a devil cat named Zeeby that I wouldn't trade for the world
  • Is obsessed with animals (cats, dogs, cows, guinea pigs, and more.) No reptiles please
  • Lives to eat. I love mostly all food and am willing to try anything new
  • Wants to visit all over the US, but hates the traveling part
  • I am a weird human being and you will find me singing randomly and meowing just because

Photo of Katie Rauber

Katie Rauber

  • Recruiter & Special Projects Coordinator
  • Would rather be hiking & camping.
  • LOVE the MN Twins.
  • I know every single word to "The Sound of Music" (by choice).
  • Would spend my last dime on traveling.
Photo of Kaylee Cumber

Kaylee Cumber

  • Customer Loyalty Specialist
  • Have an amazing son
  • Live for the show Once Upon A Time #TeamHook
  • Did someone say food?!?
  • Fishing and camping are what life is all about
  • Europe is calling my name.
Kiella Robillard

Kiella Robillard

  • Videographer
  • I have a very large family
  • I have one beautiful child (boy)
  • LOVE music
  • Love my dog, but one's enough
  • I wish to travel as often as possible
  • Enjoy reading (whenever I can find a free moment)
Photo of Kyle Berthelson

Kyle Berthelson

  • Customer Loyalty Specialist
  • Lives with the Incredible Hulk (My son Tucker)
  • Avid comic book collector. Hoping to be lost in the speedforce someday.
  • Also in search of the Triforce.
  • Classical music fan. (Fredryk Chopin = classical)
  • The dream life is in Spain.
Lacey Guck

Lacey Guck

  • Digital Marketing Specialist
  • Spongebob for POTUS
  • The book "Big Magic"
  • Music is the dream
  • Coffee
  • Can I pet your dog?

Lindsey Anderson

Lindsey Anderson

  • Graphic Designer
  • I play guitar and my favorite kinds of music are Indie and Alternative
  • Favorite TV shows: Dexter, The Walking Dead, The Office, Castle, and The X-Files
  • Has seen every episode of The Monkees and got to meet Peter Tork
  • I like to read books, watch movies, work out and spend time with family and friends
  • I am a cat person
Lucy Geigle

Lucy Geigle

  • Director of Human Resources
  • Married, 2 Step Children, 1 EVIL Dog
  • Big Band Music is my favorite!
  • Love Turner Classic Movie channel
  • Favorite color is RED
  • Love to Garden.

Marina Wiley

Marina Willey

  • Accounting Team Lead
  • I have an amazing husband and three beautiful girls. Family is everything!
  • My favorite color is purple....SKOL
  • I have three parrots (yes they talk) a Chihuahua and a granddaughter Chihuahua/Minpin mix who is a wild one.
  • Big fan of TWD, BB and Survivor
  • I have been Tandem skydiving
  • Love camping, shopping, coffee and having FUN!
Mary Bintz

Mary Bintz

  • Accounts Receivable
  • Minot State University
  • Former Correctional Officer & Bookmobile Driver
  • Loves going to Las Vegas & Mowing My Grass
  • 1 Son and 5 Grandchildren
  • I have a great grandson named Charlie

Photo of Matthew Brugger

Matthew Brugger

  • IT Support
  • I am the proud father of two awesome kids
  • I run into burning buildings as a hobby
  • The skys are safer with me as a licensed private pilot
  • Serenity is more than a piece of mind, "Browncoats Unite"
  • I am licensed to teach EMT's
  • My trucks name is "Stinky"
Matt Sather

Matt Sather

  • Merchandising Manager
  • From South Dakota; North Dakota State University graduate
  • My phone is within reach 24 hours a day
  • Not always honest when playing Risk
  • Would rather not wear socks
  • Does't recommend eating hamburger in southeast Asia
Photo of Megan Kitsch

Megan Kitsch

  • Customer Service Trainer
  • I taught myself how to do Brazilian Embroidery
  • I've been doing photography for many years and have a large collection of old cameras/old photographs/view masters. I just have a lot of junk (treasures)
  • I love rummaging, thrifting, auctions, and old stuff - Antiques Roadshow is pretty much my favorite
  • I could eat pizza everyday
Meghan Bintz

Meghan Bintz

  • Solutions Specialist
  • Loves cheerleading and dancing
  • Obsessed with zebras
  • 3rd daughter of the CEO
  • Goes to Jamestown High School
  • I enjoy eating, sleeping, and summer time!
Mel O

Mel O" Dee Horejsi

  • Receptionist
  • I have a wonderful husband and three pretty great kids!
  • Grandchildren are the best thing in life!
  • Love to camp and pontoon
  • Really starting to dislike the cold winters
Photo of Nadine Haakenson

Nadine Haakenson

  • Customer Loyalty Specialist Backend
  • I love music BUT I really love Rockabilly and Oldies.
  • Married my husband, Shawn, on Halloween and in Vegas
  • Have a baby boy named Cash, after the great Johnny Cash.
  • Super friendly, always looking to make new friends
  • Self proclaimed DJ of the Jamestown office. I do take requests.
  • "I myself am strange and unusual." -Lydia Deetz

Photo of Nate Askew

Nate Askew

  • Customer Loyalty Specialist
  • "I tell the kids, somebody's gotta win, somebody's gotta lose. Just don't fight about it. Just try to get better."
  • Proudly attending the University of Jamestown. GO JIMMIES!!
  • ♫♫♫ Chances are, at this very moment, I am listening to the Red Hot Chili Peppers ♫♫♫
  • Quantifiable fact: The best hockey team of all time is the San Jose Sharks!
  • Star Wars is better than Star Trek, no matter what Alexandra H says.

Photo of Neil Landstrom

Neil Landstrom

  • Order Fulfillment Manager
  • I am pretty fluent in the Canadian language.
  • I attended the final home game for the MN North Stars at the Met Center.
  • Leslie Nielsen is possibly the greatest actor of all time, and all of his movies were based on real life events.
  • Technically, I am left handed, but I use both depending on where objects are in relation to me.
  • One wife, two sons, and one kinda dog that is smaller than most cats.
Nichole Lackey

Nichole Lackey

  • Customer Loyalty Specialist
  • I love the great outdoors! You will always find me in my barn with my animals
  • My favorite past time is ridding my horse and playing piano
  • I like to say that I own more clocks than father time himself
  • I have three wonderful boys and they are my world
  • I love to paint anything that I can get my hands on. Color, color, color!
  • My mother almost named me Sequoia. I am glad that she didnt as I am not very tall. I like to think of myself as fun sized.
Photo of Oness Yusuf

Oness Yusuf

  • Merchandising Graphic Designer
  • I'm left handed.
  • Originally from Ethiopia. Lived there for 20 years.
  • I'm trilingual.
  • Two of my favorite movies are by Brad Pitt. Troy and Fight Club.
Photo of Pablo Ortega

Pablo Ortega

  • Customer Loyalty Specialist - Day Lead
  • I have a beautiful family, gorgeous wife and daughter
  • I love shoes and watches. I can't leave the house without a watch or I feel incomplete
  • I am from Guatemala and my favorite place to visit there is Lake Atitln (Panajachel)
  • I'm a carnivore yum yum yum!
Patrick Gossett

Patrick Gossett

  • Customer Loyalty Specialist - Night Lead
  • Godzilla fanatic
  • Retro-game connoisseur
  • Internet addict
  • Never leaves the house!
Rachel Wells

Rachel Wells

  • Assistant Controller
  • Proud NDSU Alum, Go Bison!
  • Huge Vikings fan! Did I mention this is our year!
  • I work as a server at Sickies Garage for my fun job
  • I have a severe addiction to Frank's Red Hot Sauce
  • I was a waitress at the 75th Annual Sturgis Bike Rally
  • Working for the weekend

Resa Wald

Resa Wald

  • Order Fulfillment Specialist
  • The first thing I ever drove was a C International tractor
  • Oregon is my dream home
  • I make a mean Knoephla Soup
  • Broncos Fan. I bleed orange and blue!
  • I grew up on a cattle ranch and I wouldn't trade that kind of upbringing for anything!
  • Alabama is by far my favorite country music group.
Rod Wanamaker

Rod Wanamaker

  • Customer Loyalty Specialist - Weekend Lead
  • Married for 19 years
  • 2 kids (1 girl & 1 boy)
  • Fat dog named "HOSS"
  • Enjoy remodeling projects
  • Was told my hair is thinning
Scott Bintz

Scott Bintz

  • CSO | Occasional janitor, chair spinner
  • Married with 5 kids, 3 dogs, and 1 cat
  • Eats cookies and milk or a blizzard before bed
  • Loves Dirt Track Racing
  • Hopes to travel to Vermont someday
  • Scott Bintz Racing | More about Scott Bintz

Sean Norheim

Sean Norheim

  • Web Developer
  • I have been in one triathlon
  • I love to play tabletop games
  • I post on gaming forums on my free time
  • I like to spend my weekends at the lake
  • My favorite TV show is American Ninja Warrior


  • I am a horse
  • I am luck
  • Self-proclaimed mascot of RealTruck

Shane Pettys

Shane Pettys

  • Brand Manager Assistant
  • 3rd-degree belt in Taekwondo
  • Married, with 2 kids
  • Have 3 dogs
  • Loves cheese. If it has cheese on it, I will eat it
  • Addicted to Amazon and Netflix
Shawn Herrick

Shawn Herrick

  • Director of New Business
  • Loves dancing in the rain
  • Proud father of 4 - 2 boys & 2 girls
  • AKA: Grinderman, Shawn-O, Sparky, Pimp
  • Favorite Movies: The Crow, The Matrix, Constantine

Shelly DeJong

Shelly DeJong

  • Customer Loyalty Specialist
  • I am so afraid of squirrles and large cats it is not even funny!
  • My favorite tv shows are: Duck Dynasty & The Voice
  • I love camping with family
  • Not a fan of roast beef. Yuck!
  • Favorite past time is NAPS
Stephen Soulsby

Stephen Soulsby

  • Data Manager
  • I drive a mildly-lowered 2009 F-150 regular cab, short bed
  • My favorite type of book is a service manual
  • Firmly believe changing a tire and checking the oil should be part of the drive's license test
  • Avid proponent of the metric system, including the 24-hour clock and day/month/year format
Photo of Steven Thomas

Steven Thomas

  • Solutions Specialist
  • I play Guitar, Drums, and Bass and have been playing in various bands since I was 16.
  • I"ve Played shows with or for Lit, Nigel Dupree (son of "Jackyl"), Dick Dunkirk (Bobby Vee"s Band) and Alice Cooper
  • I have 3 Cats. Eddy, Otis, and Dudley.
  • Frank Sinatra is my favorite singer.
  • My Favorite movie is "It"s a Wonderful Life"
Tami Hayes

Tami Hayes

  • Brand Manager
  • I have three beautiful kids (Two girls and one boy)
  • I am overly obsessive about list making
  • Additcted to tattoos and energy drinks
  • I truly believe food tastes better while watching the Food Network channel
  • I could eat pasta, ice cream, and pizza every day
  • My dream is to own a ranch so I can rescue all of the animals

Photo of Tara Wentland

Tara Wentland

  • Customer Loyalty Specialist
  • Had my wedding reception at the place where my husband and I met.(Stutsman County Beer Gardens)
  • Always have and always will be a Chevy fan!
  • I have two dogs: Bud my Blue Heeler mix and Chewie a Catahoula Leopard Dog. Also have one cat, Slick, who is named after the cat in Grumpy old men, which is my all time favorite movie!
  • I spend all the free time I can out fishing. Whether on the boat or on the ice
  • Alabama is the greatest band of all time!
Photo of Tim Baldwin

Tim Baldwin

  • Solutions Team Manager
  • I'm half way to being to all 50 states. 2/7th of the way to being to all 7 continents.
  • Hope to go moose hunting in Alaska some day, until then Mule Deer hunting in ND is a close second.
  • Work as a dirt track speedway official on the weekends for fun.
  • Favorite TV show is Duck Dynasty.
  • Life is a journey, its about the people you meet and the experiences you have, and its your choice whether you enjoy the journey or not.
Photo of Tom Collis

Tom Collis

  • Customer Loyalty Specialist
  • I have 3 beautiful daughters
  • I am a huge Green Bay Packers fan!
  • I prefer Chevys.
  • Pizza is my kryptonite.
  • I love paranormal stuff.
Photo of Trista Busche

Trista Busche

  • Customer Loyalty Specialist
  • Married to my best friend.
  • "Small" Star Wars Obsession
  • Addicted to shows like "Mysteries at the Museum" and "Histories Mysteries"
  • I can sing a Broadway song to match any moment.
  • I do a great impression of a hot dog.
Tyler Halvorson

Tyler Halvorson

  • Porter
  • Loves Races
  • Also works at Walmart
  • Cancer survivor
  • Good Spirit
Tyler Tadych

Tyler Tadych

  • HR Specialist
  • I have a "mild" obsession with cars and trucks
  • Detailing cars in not a hobby its a lifestyle
  • Neature walk is life, How neat is that?
  • I don't like running but I do it for the medals
  • My pun game is lacking compaired to Lacey Guck
Photo of Whitney Jensen

Whitney Jensen

  • Digital Marketing Manager
  • I'm a morning person. It's a gift and a curse.
  • I am a firm believer in retail therapy
  • Allergic to fruit loops
  • I name all of my house plants