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sun shades
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Covercraft Windshield Sun Shade
Covercraft Windshield Sun Shade
From:  $53.00  
Coverking Custom Frost Shield
Coverking Custom Frost Shield
Only:  $49.95  
WeatherTech Windshield Sun Shades
WeatherTech Windshield Sun Shade
From:  $64.95  
Coverking Custom Sunshields
Coverking Custom Sunshields
Only:  $46.99  

Sun Shades

Sure, they may be an extra step to set up before leaving your truck. But, wow are they nice to have when you return to your ride and the interior is cool. We carry brands like Covercraft and WeatherTech and they all come with free shipping and a warranty.

Sun shades are convenient for a number of reasons. Of course, they keep your vehicle from steaming up like the desert on the fourth of July. They also help keep your car looking new. No, really! Because they block the sun, your dash and even seats won’t get faded from the sun’s rays.