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Superwinch Rotary, Dash Mount & Repair Switches

Product Information
List Price:
$47.83 - $68.40
Our Price:
$40.79 - $61.19
Ships Jul 26th - 30th

Superwinch Rotary, Dash Mount and Repair Switches
Superwinch Switch
Our Price:
Part #:
Dash Mount Kit: fits all X Series Models, EX1, X1 and X2 Series Winches

1519A Repair Switch
Superwinch Switch
Our Price:
Part #:
Repair Switch: with 3 ft. Wire Pigtail fits T1500, S and X Series direct switch models

1591 Three Position Rotary Switch
Superwinch Switch
Our Price:
Part #:
Three Position Heavy Duty Rotary Switch: for Remote Switching of EX1 - X2F, S2500 and S3500.


  • Variety of Switches for Winches: Superwinch has a variety of switches for winches.
  • Dash Mount Kit: Switch Part# 1501B: The Dash Mount Kit fits all X Series Models, EX1, X1 and X2 Series Winches
  • Repair Switch: Switch Part# 1519A: Repair Switch with 3 ft. Wire Pigtail fits T1500, S and X Series direct switch models
  • Three Position Heavy Duty Rotary Switch: Switch Part# 1591:  The Three Position Heavy Duty Rotary Switch for Remote Switching of EX1 - X2F, S2500 and S3500.

Choose from a variety of switches from superwinch. From three position rotary, dash mount or a repair switch.

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Repair and/or replacement of the Product is the sole and exclusive remedy for Buyer This warranty does not apply to defects in any Product caused by: (1) normal wear and tear; (2) failure to comply with any installation, operation or maintenance instructions provided by Superwinch including but not limited to subjecting the Product to loads in excess of the load listed in the Owner’s Manual or instructions for the particular Product and model number; (3) commercial or industrial use; (4) alteration or modification by parties other than Superwinch; (5) misuse, abuse, neglect, accident, Acts of God or terrorism; or (6) other causes beyond the control of Superwinch after delivery of the Product by Superwinch to its authorized distributor. If any model or sample was shown to Buyer, such model or
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