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> Aftermarket, LED, and Euro Tail Lights

Aftermarket, LED, and Euro Tail Lights

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A Variety of Aftermarket Tail Light Assemblies
When it comes to customizing your truck, aftermarket lights are one of the most noticeable modifications you can make. In particular, the addition of aftermarket tail lights is an easy and relatively inexpensive way to make a truck stand out from the pack. There are a few common types of aftermarket tail light out on the market today. Let’s take a look at the differences among the variety of available designs.


LED Tail Lights

Image Of LED Tail Lights
LED Tail Light Assemblies

LED tail lights replace your entire stock tail light assembly with a new unit containing an array of LED lights. LED lights are longer lasting and more energy efficient than stock halogen bulbs. This makes LED tail light assembly a great investment in both the look of your vehicle and the longevity of its lighting system. LED lights are more compact than standard halogen bulbs meaning more lights can be installed in the assembly. This will increase visibility when braking, making an LED tail light assembly a great safety upgrade that also adds style. For more information on LEDs, check out our guide on the advantages of LED lights.


Euro Lights

Image of Chrome and Black Bezel Euro Tail Lights
Chrome and Black Euro Tail Lights

Euro tail lights are a great way to add a custom look to your vehicle at a more affordable price than comparable LED units. Sometimes called Altezza lights, Euro tail lights use OEM-style halogen bulbs but replace the stock tail light assembly. This assembly contains multi-faceted mirror sections arranged in ornate shapes that create a look dramatically different from OE (original equipment). Euro tail lights are usually offered with chrome or black bezels and clear, smoke, or dark-smoke colored lenses to provide further customization options.


OE Style Tail Lights

OE-style tail lights are the most reasonably priced tail light replacement option. While they don’t differ significantly from your vehicle’s original lights, they’re an excellent choice for freshening up an older vehicle on a budget.

Upgraded Light Bulbs

While the aforementioned options replace the entire tail light assembly, it’s also possible to get improved lighting simply by replacing the bulb in the existing housing. Companies such as Putco produce LED light bulbs that are longer lasting and faster to respond than OE halogen bulbs. Simple and fast to install, replacement light bulbs are a great way to improve your automotive lighting on a budget.

If you have questions about aftermarket tail lights or any other automotive lights, contact our team of experts today. We’re standing by to help you pick the best tail lights for your ride.