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Chrome Tail Lights

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Chrome Tail Lights

It isn’t a simple upgrade. Buying Replacement Chrome Tail Lights means you’ve put a lot of thought and care into what the back end of your vehicle should look like. Here at RealTruck, it means you also have considerable taste in your chrome upgrades.
A Chrome Tail Light is more than just chrome trim for your existing taillight. It’s an entire replacement part for your tail light system. This includes the light, housing and cover. The great thing about these lights are the chrome accents.

Available in LED and Euro styles, Chrome Taillights are DOT and SAE approved. Ready for the road and ready for installation when shipped to your door. And just like everything else sells, these are shipped FREE*.

Not to be confused with buying trim alone, chrome covers or even stick on chrome applications, our Chrome lights are plug and go replacement systems that are great for those who are looking to change the look of their vehicle or who are repairing damage from a fender bender. Save time and money by doing the installation yourself!

If you’d like to learn more about the Tail Lights we carry, check out our Taillight Research Guide.