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TechCare Auto Glass Cleaners
TechCare Auto Glass Cleaners
From:  $16.99  
TechCare Tire & Wheel Cleaners
TechCare Tire & Wheel Cleaners
From:  $21.99  
TechCare Exterior Car Cleaners
TechCare Exterior Car Cleaners
From:  $24.99  


We all love trucks, and we all love truck accessories. That's why we're in this business, and that's why you're here with us. However, what happens when you need to keep your floor mats, floor liners, and the like clean? The answer is obvious (because it's literally right in front of you): you come to and choose from an awesome selection of TechCare cleaning products! No matter how many you order, we'll cover the shipping costs for you completely for free (as long as you live in the lower 48 states).

TechCare is the accessory cleaning line offered by WeatherTech, best known for their absolutely incredible and top selling custom fit floor mats. They understand that great accessories need a little tender love and care to keep them in top condition. Fortunately, their cleaner is as solid as their interior accessories. This stuff is made entirely in the United States as well, and we think that's pretty rad.

This line of vehicle cleaning products has been years in the making; this isn't any ordinary bottle of dish detergent repackaged as a serious truck cleaning tool. Far from it, friends. This is high grade stuff developed with a great deal of care that involved testing over 100 competitive products and coming up with something worthy of the company's reputation. The end result is a suite of cleaning products that could put a reflective shine on the dark side of the moon.

Your floor mats and floor liners are pretty awesome at keeping your truck interior clean, but what keeps your floor mats and bed liners clean? TechCare stuff like their FloorLiner and Floor Mat Protector. If your interior accessories could talk, they'd say, "Thanks, man." And you'd say, "No problem," just before you rode off valiantly into the sunset.

What makes these products even better is they're ecologically safe. Manufactured using processes that conserve water and without any sort of harsh chemicals, you can feel as good about using these products as your floor mats are going to look once you're done spraying them down. It's win-win!

You've got a lot of options here depending on what you need to do with your vehicle. Dirty windshield? Check out TechCare Autoglass Cleaner. Just stomped all over your floor mats with the muddiest work boots anyone has ever seen? Order some TechCare FloorLiner and Floormat Cleaner. They also make some awesome Car Way and Clay Bar Cleaners and Tire & Wheel Cleaners (definitely something to think about for the next time you decide you're a master of the off-road and you bring half the forest home with you caked in your wheel bays).

Okay, so how much style can a bottle of cleaning product really have? To be honest, not much on its own. However, after it's been used to get your floor mats looking like new after you've trampled them with your muddy feet after a long day of boggin'? That's where TechCare shines. Your friends will ask, "Where'd you get those totally new, not at all old and just recently cleaned up floor mats from?" And you'll tell them it's a secret, but they should buy a lot of this company's stuff. Preferably from RealTruck.

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Manufactured by WeatherTech.