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> How a Tonneau Cover Locks

How a Tonneau Cover Locks

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One of the chief benefits of a tonneau cover is increased security for the cargo contained in your truck bed. However, not every tonneau cover locks in the same way. We’re often asked how covers that don’t have locks provide security. This guide will explain how various covers lock, and discuss the security benefits of all tonneaus--even those without unique locking mechanisms.

Tailgate-Locking Tonneaus

Image of a BAKFlip tonneau cover
A BAKFlip tonneau cover in the shut and locked position
At first glance, many tonneau covers appear to lack a lock. This may prompt you to wonder how secure such a cover can be. When a cover doesn’t have a lock of its own, it is secured using your truck’s tailgate lock. With the cover shut and your tailgate locked, the opening mechanism for the cover cannot be accessed. With a hard folding cover such as the BAKFlip G2 Tonneau Cover, this will make your bed more secure than your cab. This style of lock is also common on hard, soft tri-fold and soft roll up covers. If your truck isn’t equipped with a tailgate lock, don’t worry; Pop & Lock offers aftermarket tailgate locks that are easy to install and will make your bed just as secure as it would be with a stock tailgate lock.

Self-Locking Tonneaus

Image of an Undercover tonneau Cover
An Undercover tonneau cover with lock visible
Some customers prefer a style of tonneau cover that can open independently of the tailgate. In order for these covers to be secure, they usually feature a lock cylinder. Some of these covers will require a separate key while others use BoltLock technology which allows you to use your existing ignition key to secure the lock. Lock cylinders are common on one-piece hinged covers such as those made by Undercover, as well as hard retractable designs like those from Retrax and Gatortrax.

If you have questions about tonneau cover security or the different styles of tonneau cover available for your truck, contact our product experts today. They’re ready to help you choose the best cover for you and your truck.