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Security Of Tonneau Covers

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Tonneau covers offer various degrees of security. Hinged covers provide full security with a locking tailgate. Retractable, folding, and hard-top covers typically come with key-locking systems which can be latched closed at the tailgate when fully closed. Choose from rock-solid aluminum truck bed covers with keyed locks, to soft vinyl truck-bed covers with out-of-sight security.

Hard Truck Bed Covers

Hard pickup bed covers are typically made of rigid ABS, aluminum, and fiberglass. These tonneau covers often come with built-in keyed locks that turn your truck bed into a practically impenetrable vault. Some styles lock the tailgate and others require you to buy a tailgate lock in order to lock the tailgate. Hard covers offer more security, but are also more expensive. Hard truck bed covers are available in multi-panel, tri fold, hinged, and retractable designs.

Soft Truck Bed Covers 

Soft pickup bed covers are often made of anodized aluminum frame and a durable vinyl pvc (poly vinyl coated) style fabric cover. Soft tonneaus cover out-of-sight security, although some soft covers have build in locks to lock the bed cover itself. All soft tonneau covers require a tailgate lock in order to lock your pickup trucks tailgate. Soft truck bed covers are available in snap, snap-less, roll-up, tri-fold, and hinged designs.