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Black Tool Boxes

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Swing Case Truck Bed Tool Box
Swing Case Truck Bed Tool Box
From:  $189.00  
BakBox 2 Tonneau Tool Box
BAKBox 2 Tonneau Tool Box
Only:  $289.00  
TruXedo TonneauMate Toolbox
TruXedo TonneauMate Toolbox
From:  $398.70  
Du-Ha Tote
Du-Ha Tote
From:  $292.95  
Dee Zee Poly Side Bed Wheel Well Toolbox
Dee Zee Poly Wheel Well Tool Box
Only:  $145.95  
DU-HA Humpstor
DU-HA Humpstor
Only:  $247.95  
Truck Luggage Saddlebag Cargo Bag
Truck Luggage Saddlebag Cargo Bag
Only:  $71.95  
Dee Zee Wheel Well Tool Boxes
Dee Zee Wheel Well Tool Boxes
From:  $233.32  
Truck Luggage Bulkhead Tray
Truck Luggage Bulkhead Tray
Only:  $62.99  
Brute Crossover Toolbox
Brute Crossover Toolbox
From:  $680.84  $800.99
Dee Zee Dog Boxes
Dee Zee Dog Boxes
From:  $348.95  
Dee Zee Poly Trailer Tongue Box
Dee Zee Poly Trailer Tongue Box
Only:  $141.95  

Black Tool Boxes

If you’re looking for something to keep your tools securely organized combined with the stylish dark sheen of the Batmobile, then our black tool boxes are just the ticket. Choose from a ton of different options from excellent brands, and receive free shipping on your order within the lower 48 states from We also offer low prices and staff some of the best customer support professionals in the business.
It’s our goal to help improve our customer’s lives and vehicles, one awesome accessory at a time.

At first, it might seem obvious what you would want a black tool box for. You bought your truck, van, or sports utility vehicle because you’ve got work to do, and that means your tools need to come with you to wherever you need to go. Tossing your tools haphazardly into your vehicle isn’t acceptable, and it’s difficult to keep an ordinary tool box safely secured in the back of a truck box.’s black tool boxes alleviate these issues by mounting firmly into your vehicle, you can sleep easy at night knowing that neither your tools nor black tool box are going anywhere. You won’t need to worry about thieves running off with your prized tool investment. Nor will they be left exposed to wind, rain, hail, or any other act of God when you’re working in harsh climate conditions.

Our black tool boxes come in a variety of different options. You can choose to order from several styles that we have available, like crossover tool boxes or side mount tool boxes, depending on how you’d like to be able to access your things in the back of your truck. We also carry trailer tongue and underbody designs as well.

You can narrow your choices down further with toolboxes that feature single lifting lid, or a gull wing door style that opens from either side. Utility chest models are straightforward in design and offer excellent storage for bulky items, while wheel well tool boxes fit nicely over the wheel wells of your pickup, as their name would imply.

It’s also important to consider which type of material you’re looking for. Modern ABS plastic tool boxes are extremely tough, while the classic durability of aluminum and steel tool boxes is also difficult to beat. Whichever you prefer, we carry plenty of different models for you to select from. If you’re into the diamond plate look, we’re able to hook you up there, as well.

Security is a top concern when selecting any type of tool box. The black tool boxes carried on our site are lockable in most instances using either a built-in key operated lock, or your own pad lock. You don’t want to make it easy for anyone looking to swipe your things, and that’s where having the added peace of mind of total security can make all the difference between avoiding theft and having to pay out for new tools.

To get a superhero level of storage and carrying capacity for your vehicle, take a look at our racks and carriers as well. Have a tonneau cover on your vehicle? Double check that the black tool box you’re purchasing is compatible. If you have any questions, just give us a holler!

Added Style
If the Dark Knight himself were looking for a toolbox, we bet he’d look no further than the black truck tool boxes you see on this page. That’s because they’ve got the sort of wicked awesome style that works equally well with your beloved truck or SUV as well as it would with the Batmobile. Maybe it’s because we watch too many movies, but we’re convinced that if any accessory can help you add some sick Hollywood style to your vehicle while also keeping your tools securely stored, this is it.

What we’re trying to say is they look as good as they work, and while they won’t necessarily turn you into a superhero overnight (it takes at least one solid weekend for that), they don’t sacrifice their looks for functionality. No one wants to install garish looking accessories on their vehicle, and that’s definitely no concern here.

Some tool boxes will require a minor amount of drilling into your vehicle in order to install them. Once mounted, they’ll serve you well for years to come. Always be sure to check the information provided on our site for any toolbox you’d like to purchase, in addition to the detailed instructions included in the box with your order.

Unbeatable Customer Care
Like we said before, our customer service team is totally the bomb. If you ever have a question or a concern, they’re ready to help. How did they get as good as they are? It’s a secret, but it involves a heavy amount of training in the Himalayas with a skilled team of ancient customer service masters.

To put them to the test, call us up at 877-216-5446, talk to us on our live chat, or send us an e-mail. They’ll be on top of it with lightning speed!