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Dee Zee Tool Boxes

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Dee Zee Tool Boxes

Tools are a major investment, and you need something to keep them stored, organized, and secure. You’re also looking to go with a trusted name in the industry, which explains why you’re here browsing Dee Zee tool boxes. This is a company that knows what they’re doing when it when to comes to making all types of vehicle accessories, and their tool chests are certainly no exception.
We’re proud to offer these fine products at low prices and with free shipping.

Dee Zee has been crafting quality automotive accessories since the late 70’s from their home base in Des Moines, Iowa. They source 90% of their build materials right at home in the United States, and do the most of their manufacturing from their 700,000 square foot facility in the American Midwest, a place where we know our trucks and the meaning of hard work. They also work with the Sustainable Forestry Initiative to help reduce waste from the paper products used to package their accessories. We think that’s all pretty cool, and we’re sure you’re going to love your new Dee Zee tool box as well every time you pop it open.

Features And Benefits
Dee Zee offers their truck and SUV tool boxes in a variety of styles to suit all manner of truck owners. If you’re looking for a toolbox for your pickup truck bed, then the crossover, side mount, and trailer tongue tool boxes this company offers give you options as to where in your truck’s cargo area you want your box mounted. Crossover models bolt down on top of each truck bed rail, running flush against the back of the truck bed. Side mount tool boxes attach along the inner edge of your truck’s box, making it easy to lean over the side of your vehicle and grab what you need.

These tool boxes from Dee Zee are also built tough to stand up to dents, blemishes, and rough weather conditions. You have your choice of either aluminum, steel, classic diamond plate aluminum, or durable ABS molded plastic. They fit into a wide range of price points to suit your budget as well as your tool storage needs, and once installed into your vehicle, will last as long as you need it to. Please note that installation may require minor drilling; please consult our detailed product listings, and call us with any questions you have.Dee Zee Tool Box

If you’re going to be installing one of Dee Zee’s tool storage boxes in the back of your truck, then security is also likely a concern. Not to worry though, because they’re lockable, either with a built-in lock (keys are included) or a standard padlock. Potential thieves will learn the hard way that you’re no fool just leaving your tools out for the taking. They probably won’t feel too smart when they’re riding in the back of a cop car, empty handed, while you sleep easy at night knowing your gear is completely secure.

DeeZee toolboxes are an excellent complement to many other products we carry as well, including our extensive collection of racks and carriers. If you currently have, or are planning to add, a tonneau cover onto your truck as well, we advise making sure ahead of time that it’s compatible with your tool box. Some tonnos are specifically made to be toolbox compatible, while some tool boxes also mount low enough in the truck bed to remain installed along with your tonneau. Again, don’t hesitate to call or write us with any questions.

Enhanced Style
Anything you add on to your truck or SUV affects its visual style. With this in mind, you want to be sure that any toolbox you install is going to match the aesthetic of your vehicle, as well as your personal style. Fortunately, Dee Zee understands this as well as we do, and their tool boxes are crafted with this in mind. They project a message to the world that says, “My truck looks totally boss, and I’m ready to get serious work done.” That’s really what people should be thinking when you roll up to a job site, right?

Why Shop
This is a question that man has asked himself since we went online all the way back in the late 1990’s, and the consensus is clear: because our staff is extremely good looking. In all seriousness though, we’re committed to helping to improve vehicle owner’s lives with top quality products that enhance the looks and functionality of your ride. It’s a simple mission, but it’s also one we feel is worthwhile.

Our company’s unique Guiding Principles help to keep our company on track as we strive to maintain this goal. They’re a set of rules that we live by every day when we come into work. The customer service team we have on staff is also among the best around, always going the extra mile and then some to give our shoppers the best experience possible. Vehicle accessories are expensive and you’re putting a lot of trust in us when you shop, and we don’t take that lightly.

If you need help with anything at all, contact our friendly and knowledgeable customer service team by phone at 877-216-5446, or send us an e-mail or chat message. We’ll get your questions answered and concerns put to rest so quick, it’ll almost feel like we’re psychic. This may or may not be related to the top secret time machine we keep in the back of the office.