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Gull Wing Tool Boxes

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Gull Wing Tool Boxes

If you need secure storage for your tools, and want to be able to access your tools from either side of your truck’s bed, then gull wing tool boxes have you covered. They feature a dual-door configuration that pop open from the left and right your truck bed, providing easy access to your things without a lot of hassle. They mount securely into the back of your truck, and are lockable to keep out thieves.
To make things even better, we ship these accessories for free within the lower 48 states!

The basic function of any tool box is pretty straightforward, but our gull wing tool boxes go above and beyond being simple tool storage devices. Having one of these things is almost like having another worker on your team. Since gull wing truck tool boxes have the advantage from opening from both sides, you can get to your things easily without running around in circles around your truck to get from one side to the other to access your tools.

Our dual lid truck tool boxes feature tough aluminum construction that’s super tough, corrosion resistant, and beyond capable of dealing with the most brutal climate conditions you could ever put your truck through. Rain, shine, snow, ice, wind, hail, or anything else, you name it and these gull wing tool boxes are ready to take it with a smile.

They’re also fully lockable, so if anyone thinks they’re going to be able to break into your toolbox, they’re in for a surprise (and by that, we mean the flashing lights of the cop car that catches them fruitlessly attempting to bust into your tools). You can also choose from either black or Brite Tread finishes to get the perfect look for your ride.

Other features, like cell foam weather sealing, smooth opening gaskets, and plastic storage trays add to the ease and enjoyment of use, as well as the protection offered to your tool investment. Check out our racks and carriers and hitch mounted carriers for even more awesome accessories to help you get your things from point A to B conveniently and securely.

Added Style
When we look up “style” in the dictionary, all we see is a big picture of a gull wing tool box. This is because we cut out a picture of a gull wing tool box and taped it into our dictionary. It’s also because these things look super cool when they’re mounted onto the back of your truck. It tells the world that you mean business with your pickup, and that you have excellent taste in tool storage accessories. Those are some pretty nice benefits in addition to the unparalleled ease of access to your things!

Gull wing tool boxes require a small amount of drilling into your truck to securely install and mount across the tops of your truck bed rails. Check the install directions on the product listing for the toolbox of your choice, as well as the detailed instructions that come packaged with your order. Our friendly Customer Loyalty Representatives are also available to answer any questions you’ve got for us!

Unmatched Customer Support
Have you ever called a customer service line just to be even more disappointed about the issue that you called in about in the first place? We have, and we understand how it can completely ruin your day, especially when you’re dealing with big ticket purchases. That’s why we’ve taken care to staff a quality team of well trained Customer Loyalty Representatives to make sure getting the assistance you need is never a problem. Call us up at 877-216-5446.