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> Pickup Truck Tool Boxes: Differences in Design

Pickup Truck Tool Boxes: Differences in Design

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In this guide, we’ll review the different designs of truck bed tool boxes available today, from the traditional crossover diamond plate tool box to wheel well boxes and everything in between.



Crossover Tool Boxes

Image of Single Lid Crossover Toolbox
A DeeZee single lid crossover tool box
Image of a DeeZee gull-wing toolbox
A gull-wing toolbox from DeeZee

When you think of a truck tool box, the first thing that comes to your mind is probably the crossover design. This tried and true style of tool box mounts at the bulkhead and spans the width of your truck bed to provide a secure storage option for tools and other small items. The standard design of a crossover tool box is about 20 inches wide featuring latches that open just above the bed rails. There are also narrower, low profile designs with latches located below the line of the bed rails. Both designs are available in a variety of materials such as aluminum, steel, and even polyurethane. Crossover tool boxes are often categorized by how they open, either with a single lid running the length of the box or dual “gull wing” lids, which open independently of each other. Many companies offer tonneau covers designed to work with truck beds that have a standard 20-inch wide crossover tool box installed, giving you the best of both worlds when it comes to storage and security.


Side Mount Tool Box

Image of Du-Ha Humpstor
Du-Ha Humpstor side tool box
Image of side-mounted toolboxes
Side-mounted diamondplate tooboxes

Popular among customers who want to turn their truck into a mobile workstation, side tool boxes mount longitudinally, along the side rails of a pickup truck. They can be mounted alone or in pairs and their slim design allows you to have additional storage space without sacrificing too much bed width. For trucks equipped with a tonneau cover, the Du-Ha Humpstor is available as a low-profile side-storage solution.

Image of Poly Utility Chest Toolbox
Utility chest from DeeZee

Utility Chest

A utility chest sits below the rail of your truck’s bed to provide a lower profile storage solution than a crossover design. While they can be a little more difficult to access than traditional tool boxes, their design allows you to have both a full size tonneau cover and a tool box installed on your truck.


Wheel Well Boxes

Image of Undercover Swing Case
Undercover Swing Case
Perhaps the most underutilized section of a truck bed is the area behind the wheel well. Thanks to manufacturers such as Undercover, this dead space can now serve as a mounting area for a tool box. While not as large as other tool box models, a wheel well box is a great way to maximize your usable bed space.



Image of Trailer Tongue Toolbox
DeeZee Trailer Tongue Box

Trailer Tongue Toolboxes

This tool box design attaches to the tongue area of a trailer and is a great way to get some extra storage space if you haul a trailer. Surprisingly spacious given their small external appearance, it’s a great way to store tools and equipment specifically used when you haul a trailer,  keeping your bed free for other cargo.


Specialty Tool Boxes

Image of BAKBox 2
The BAKBox 2 toolbox
Some tool boxes fall squarely into the “other” category due to their design or reliance on another accessory to mount or close. Chief among these would be the collapsible BakBox2 which can be added to a BAKFlip folding cover. This box folds out of the way when not in use in order to allow access to the majority of your bed.

Another popular example is the Truxedo Tonneaumate Tool box which mounts on the rails of a tonneau cover, providing a low-profile low profile storage solution which can be mounted in multiple positions along the length of the bed.