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Steel Tool Boxes

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Access Storage Pockets
Access Storage Pockets
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Steel Tool Boxes

When Superman was dubbed “The Man Of Steel,” we’re pretty sure the creators of the classic comic book superhero had steel tool boxes in mind. If they didn’t, then they should have, because these tool boxes do an absolutely heroic job of keeping your tools securely stored and easily accessible at a moment’s notice. Check out our wide selection, and when you’re ready to order, we’ll ship one of these bad boys off to you with free shipping (within the lower 48 states).
We do what we can to make the world a better place, one sweet vehicle accessory at a time.

The idea behind investing in a steel tool box is to provide you with the toughest, most durable tool storage solution possible. These accessories are built extremely tough, and will last through pretty much anything you could possibly put them through. This means that no matter how rough the weather gets, your tools are going to stay high and dry. Furthermore, they’ll also be safe from theft.

If you woke up this morning wondering what kind of awesome features are in store with our steel tool boxes, then consider this to literally be a dream come true! These tool boxes are loaded with sweet features to help you get the most from your tool storage. Take, for example, their heavy duty steel construction that could probably withstand some sort of truck-pocalypse. That sounds like a horrible event that we can’t even imagine, but if it ever comes to pass, you know your steel tool box is going to make it through just fine.

These tool storage boxes are also fully lockable, using either a built-in key lock or a pad lock (depending on which specific model you choose). That means nobody is going to break into your box and steal your tools when you’re not looking (and if anyone makes such an attempt when you are looking then, well, they’re still not getting in and you’ll have plenty of time to call the cops). Some models are available in various sizes as well.

We carry steel tool boxes to fit a vast range of pickup trucks and vans, ensuring that you’re able to get all your gear safely to the job site. While you could just throw your tools into an ordinary toolbox, these boxes offer greater access, convenience and security. Other features, like dampening shocks, ensure easy and smooth opening and closing.

If you plan on installing a tonneau cover on your truck along with a tool box, you’ll want to make sure the two will be compatible with one another. To get the most storage capability possible from your vehicle, you may also want to browse our full selection of racks and carriers.

Enhanced Style
Life isn’t all about looking good, but it sure does feel good to know your vehicle looks as awesome as it can. Our steel tool boxes are offered in black, white, and Brite Tread finish options, all of which look worthy of being mounted onto something a superhero would drive. When you’re cruising around with your tools tightly secured in your awesome tool box, you’ll likely feel a little extra boost in confidence. That might come in handy if there’s a woman or dude out there you’re trying to impress. We’re not saying this is definitely a product that will help you find the love of your life, but hey, it probably won’t hurt either.

With some of the steel tool boxes we offer, there may be a small amount of drilling required for installation. Check out all the information we have available under the full product listing for the toolbox you’d like to purchase to be sure you have what you need to successfully install your purchase. The installation process involved with all of these products, however, is simple enough to be completed at home. Please get in touch with any questions you might have.

Why Shop isn’t just like any other auto accessory retailer; we’re much more attractive people than our competition. We’re kidding, but while we like to have fun at work, we’re serious about offering our customers the most awesome shopping experience possible. If there’s anything you feel we could be doing better though, definitely let us know! We take customer feedback to heart.

An important aspect of our company that separates us from the pack is our Guiding Principles. They're a set of guidelines we follow to help us stay focused on our goal, which is to make life easier for vehicle owners. It sounds like a simple mission, but it's also a lot of hard work and we love every second of it.

If you need help or have questions, our customer service team can be contacted by phone at 877-216-5446, by e-mail, live chat, snail mail, and carrier pigeon (if a message ever actually arrives at our office by carrier pigeon, we will absolutely respond to it). Don’t be shy and talk to us!