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Trailer Tongue Tool Boxes

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Trailer Tongue Tool Boxes

Truck beds are an awesome way to haul around your tools and other small gear, but what if you’re all loaded up and still need room for your small items. That’s where trailer tongue tool boxes come in. They’re the perfect way to utilize trailer space while protecting your tools and other pickup gear while traveling.
All our RealTruck tool box gear ships free to the contiguous U.S., so start clicking and start saving!

It’s a matter of function and form. A question of usefulness and storage capabilities. It’s also about whether or not you can fit all your stuff in your truck bed when it’s time to hit the job site! Check out our trailer tongue tool boxes. They’re a great way to secure your smaller tools and other things safely onto your trailer while cruising down the road. They’re made to fit right into your trailer’s tongue or honestly, anywhere on your trailer you see fit. Their unique design allows them to be secured in any place applicable.

Features and Style
Trailer tongue tool boxes are good at doing all kinds of things. Holding tools (of course), storing extra hitch balls for your trailer (who knows what may happen), hanging on to your tow straps, keeping your tie downs organized, and when you’re in a bind these are great at holding ice and converting into cooler for your drinks. Hey! A trusted customer told us this!

Made from heavy duty materials (like plastic polymers), our trailer tongue toolboxes are built to last. Brands like Dee Zee have constructed them to be weather resistant, corrosion proof, and warrantied to last. This is important when you consider they sit behind your truck where all the dirt, mud, grit, salt, and other muck gets tossed up constantly while you drive down the road.

Most installations for these trailer units are bolt on applications. Some instances may require additional drilling for the application, but these can easily be done at home, on your own. It’s one of the reason we call them DIYs! Do it yourself truck accessory add-ons are the number one reason is so successful!

Great Customer Care
For more information about our trailer tongue tool boxes or if you’d like to speak with one of our esteemed customer service representatives, give us a call at 877-216-5446. We’re ready to shoot the breeze with you about truck bed accessories, trailer and hitch gear, or anything else that passes your fancy. Heck, let’s talk about last night’s game or the latest movie. We’re not picky, we just want to make friends with other truck lovers!