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Firestone Towing Suspension

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Firestone Air Bag Suspension Kits
Firestone Air Bag Suspension Kits
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Firestone Towing Suspension

Why would you want a Firestone air spring suspension system? Because it’s about time your towing rig stepped it’s game up. That’s why! Whatever you factory suspension setup is now, it obviously isn’t up to snuff if you’re reading this page. It could be that your factory suspension is starting to feel a little saggy under heavy load.
Maybe you’re looking for some ride height adjustment for different trailer setups. Or maybe you just want to have the added safety and security by having a custom hauling setup tailored to your load.  Whatever the reason is we’ve got news for you friend, all of that functionality can be had simply by installing a Coil Rite, Sport Rite, or Ride Rite setup from Firestone on your towing vehicle.
Firestone incorporates the same technologies and ISO standards of manufacturing into everything they make. What that means for you and your truck is that you can expect the same level of performance and quality that you would find in heavy duty commercial grade trucks, trailers and buses already on the road. This my friends is how a Firestone towing suspension is going to take your towing game up to the next level.
As if all of those features weren’t enough, there are some pretty awesome benefits to having a Firestone air bag suspension setup on your vehicle. Improved handling under heavy load comes to mind. There’s nothing like the added safety and security of know exactly how to drive your hauler when you might be carrying multiple thousands of dollars worth of cargo behind you. Oh did we mention just the sheer comfort of driving a towing rig with an air ride system installed? Seriously, gone are the days of the uneasy motion caused by over worked struts and springs while under load. Gone are the days of feeling like the ball inside a rattle can when unloaded. Firestone’s air suspension systems ensure that your towing ride is just as comfortable as Miss Daisey on a Sunday drive.
Want a friendly chat to help you decide what kind of suspension you need? Call one of our Customer Loyalty Ninjas! They are armed (with knowledge) and ready to slice through the confusion of online shopping. Reach one at 877-216-5446. If phones aren’t your thing check out our fancy online chatting system here.