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Truxedo Truck Bed Accessories

TruXedo Truck Bed Accessories

As surely as church bells ring on Sunday, TruXedo truck bed accessories maintain their quality and effectiveness through the years. From the handy cargo retriever to the ever-useful cargo bag, all of these truck box accessories are simple to use. If you want easy to install TruXedo truck bed accessories with free shipping, welcome to RealTruck. Read More

5 Products

5 Products

Psst! Wanna know a secret? We too have experienced the annoyance of trial and error for which accessories work and which don’t. But you can rest assured. We only sell accessories we want on our own trucks. And so yes, TruXedo is definitely on our trusted brand list. We really like the heavy-duty cargo bag to organize our tools and supplies, the tailgate seal and pocket covers to inhibit dust from seeping in crevices, and more. But more importantly, our customers have enjoyed them too.