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Bushwacker Truck Bed Rail Caps and Rails

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Bushwacker Truck Bed Rail Caps and Rails

If you use your truck for what it is designed to do, then nicks, scratches, and dents will occur over time. Bushwacker bed rail caps are a wonderful addition to the box of your truck. While protection is their main purpose, these bed rail caps also provide a fresh new look to the edges of your truck’s box.

Some truck owners may consider a bit of wear to be part of the character of their ride. If you’re one of those people, don’t worry! These caps were made for you too. Bushwacker bed rail caps simply offer a way to get the best of both worlds by covering up (and preventing) the dings and scratches that can damage the rim of your truck bed and impact it’s utility.

Bushwacker bed rails and caps do more than just take some pressure off both you and your truck by protecting the structural integrity of your cargo box; these nifty additions provide extra anchor points for tie-downs and straps, allowing you to carry as a big a load as you need to.

So now that we have successfully talked you into protecting the sides of your truck beds with bed rail caps, let’s talk you into personalizing them. You can take your pick from black, diamond plate, or smooth finishes. Black and smooth rail caps provide a sleek and clean look, while diamond plate bed rail have a tough and rugged appeal, and provide a non-slip surface. Take this opportunity to personalize your ride, and select the finish that speaks to you. Rest assured that all of these options provide a strong barrier against the war the world wages on your ride everyday. Bushwacker bed rail caps will withstand significant wear and stress, while making your truck look even more awesome.

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