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Cargo Ease Truck Bed Cargo Slide

Cargo Ease Truck Bed Cargo Slides

Cargo Ease truck bed cargo slides are here to save time and your back. These truck bed slides easily glide in and out to help you load and unload just about anything from groceries to lumber and other materials. They have up to 3,000 pounds of capacity, come with free shipping, and boast a five year limited warranty. Read More

10 Products

10 Products

It doesn’t matter if you just want an easier time grabbing your toolbox or if you need to haul and present an enormous load at the gates of Valhalla. We’re pretty sure there is a Cargo Ease truck bed slide for you. Thinking that’s a bit overconfident? Maybe. But, each model has unique features such as watertight truck bed drawers, various locking positions, and industrial strength weight bearing limits. And as for installation, when the time comes you may need an extra set of hands to help you out.