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Extend-A-Truck Bed Load Extender
Extend-A-Truck Bed Load Extender
Only:  $121.95  
Lund Hitch Hand Truck Bed Extender
Lund Hitch Hand Truck Bed Extender
Only:  $176.29  

Hitch Mount Truck Bed Extenders

Hitch mount truck bed extenders are nice if you often haul longer loads like lumbar, kayaks, and PVC pipes. Our customers appreciate having truck bed extenders to securely transform their OEM bed length with a weight capacity of up to 1,000 pounds! They are also convenient as you can easily slip them out of the hitch when you don’t need them. To make them even more convenient, we’ll throw in free shipping on all of our brands from Lund to Darby Industries.
One of our points of pride is our high quality accessories. We’d never sell you a truck bed extender or any accessory that we wouldn’t trust for our own personal use. While we try to give you a fair price, our real goal is to offer accessories that you’ll be happy with -accessories that hold up through the years. With our heavy-duty truck bed extenders that are hitch mounted, we have them for both front and rear hitches. They’re great for those who need them for hauling workloads and those who are bringing longer items out of town.