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BedRug Truck Bed Mats & Tailgate Mats

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BedRug Bed Mat
BedRug Bed Mat
From:  $105.00  
BedRug Tailgate Mat
BedRug Tailgate Mat
From:  $40.00  

BedRug Truck Bed Mats & Tailgate Mats

Made in the USA, BedRug truck bed mats and tailgate mats are ideal for any truck owner. The stain-resistant, custom-fit mats come with a lifetime warranty and free shipping. Not bad, eh? Go ahead and take a look to see which mat is right for you.
All BedRug truck bed mats and tailgate mats are backed with non-slip, water-proof, and durable foam so kneeling and crawling on the mats are pain-free. Each mat is then topped with non-woven carpet for a high quality mat that will prove more than its worth over and over again. In fact, each mat has been reasonably priced so just about anyone can enjoy using them.
Each truck bed mat and tailgate mat is designed to fit precisely with every curve and edge of your truck bed and tailgate. The waterproof surface makes it resistant to stains, spills, and rain, so you can slap up your tailgate and walk away without a worry. Meanwhile, the non-slip surface is ideal not only for working with, but preventing cargo from sliding around.
How It Works
Installation is a no-brainer too. Just unroll and snug up to the edges of your truck’s bed or unroll and adhere to the tailgate. As far as cleaning goes, well, that’s easy. Just vacuum, spray and wipe, or hose it off and you’re good to go. They work both with trucks that have existing bed liners as well as without. To top it off, each mat comes in a shade of dark grey to seamlessly configure with any style and color of truck.