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BedRug Bed Mat
BedRug Bed Mat
From:  $105.00  
BedRug Tailgate Mat
BedRug Tailgate Mat
From:  $40.00  
Gator Truck Bed Mat
Gator Truck Bed Mat
Only:  $159.00  
BedRug XLT Bed Mat
BedRug XLT Bed Mat
From:  $199.00  
Access Truck Bed Cargo Mat
Access Truck Bed Mat
From:  $117.59  
Gator Tailgate Mat
From:  $53.00  

Carpet Truck Bed Mats

There it is - your brand new truck sitting there waiting to go to work. But before you can put it to the test, you need to equip it with one of our carpet truck bed mats. We know – we know, it would be nice if the factory would mandatorily supply their trucks with a bed mat, but they don’t and that’s where we come in. offers the toughest carpet bed mats on the market… all at highly affordable prices and backed by our FREE* Shipping Policy!

Like what was said earlier, these bad boys are heavy duty. They are made out of marine grade fabric to ensure optimal protection.

Unprotected Truck Bed Dangers
If you’ve ever owned a pickup with an unprotected truck bed, you probably realize how vital adding protection is. Over time, throwing tools, cargo and other miscellaneous items will chip, dent and scrape your truck bed’s paint finish. This turns into a feeding frenzy for corrosion and unnaturally depreciates the value of your truck.

Benefits of Carpet Truck Bed Mats
You don’t have to wait until your truck bed is rotting out to add protection. Once you apply one of these carpeted truck bed mats to your truck, its instantaneous protection. These bad boys were specifically designed to absorb the toughest blows, stop unnecessary damage and to keep your truck bed in MINT condition. They also add protection to your knees when climbing in and out of your truck bed.

And since you’ve decided to buy from us, you receive a couple extra perks including low prices, amazing customer service and as mentioned above, FREE Shipping! Now that is a good deal!

You may be asking yourself, “Yeah, these carpet truck bed mats are nice, but what about the installation process? Is it hard?” Well, this particular style does entail a little work due to the snap or Velcro designs, but nothing that can’t be managed by one person. And the great thing is… once installed, you never have to worry about load shifting.

There it is ladies and gents, the skinny on carpet truck bed mats and remember, we also carry carpet tailgate mats for those wanting full protection.

Make sure to view our full selection of truck bed mats.