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EGR Window Visors

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EGR Slimline Tape On Window Visors
EGR Slimline Tape On Window Visors
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EGR Window Visors

If you’ve ever stepped into a crazy hot car after leaving it parked in the sun on a hot day, then you know how uncomfortable it can be. It’s also nice to be able to keep your windows cracked open even when it’s raining to prevent fogging and get some fresh air. EGR window visors are excellent for both preventing your car’s interior from overheating, keeping out unwanted moisture, and adding visual pizzazz to your vehicle.
How do they accomplish this trifecta of awesomeness? Read on to find out!

EGR has well established itself as a trusted name in the aftermarket automotive accessory industry. The company produces a broad array of top quality accessories for your vehicle, including their renowned window visors. They manufacture more than 80% of all their products in the United States out of their home base in Ontario, California (and for clarification, as much as we love our friends in the Great White North, we do mean California). They make tough stuff, and we couldn’t be prouder to carry their products on our site.

Features And Benefits
EGR window visors may seem like simple accessories at first glance, but they yield impressive benefits and feature smart, unique design choices worth paying attention to. As opposed to typical “bubble style” window visors, EGR’s sport a slimmer, more stylish profile. This lends them an improved look while retaining all of the functionality you buy them for.

The main reasons to install these on your vehicle is to block out excessive sunlight, particularly while you’re parked, and to keep out moisture when it’s raining and you want to keep the windows rolled down a bit. You may not be able to keep your windows all the way down in a torrential downpour, but they will allow you to keep them open enough to get some fresh air and prevent your windshield from fogging up. This helps to boost both your comfort and safety while driving.EGR Window Visor

What’s more is they’re custom fit to the make and model of your vehicle. Furthermore, they’re super simple to install. In-channel vent visors slide into the window channels of your ride, while tape-on models come with highly adhesive 3M auto tape to keep them firmly in place. There are no tools and no drilling required other than a few minutes of your time and a desire to take your truck, van, car, or SUV to a new level of awesome.

If you’re looking for even more accessories to help get the most from your vehicle customization efforts, window vent visors from EGR also go well with bug shields and chrome accessories. You’re only limited by your imagination.

Enhanced Style
When people look at what you drive, you want them to see a reflection of your own personality and sense of style. Aside from making your vehicle easier to own and operate, that’s why we customize our trucks, SUVs, and cars, right? The subtle flair provided by a pair of top quality EGR window visors is well worth their weight in gold. However, they’re not literally made of gold. We don’t think that would work out so well.

They look super cool though, and by extension, so will you. People are going to take notice, and while the extra attention might take some getting used to, we think you’ll agree it’s worth it.

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