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> Troubleshooting Window Deflector Bounceback

Troubleshooting Window Deflector Bounceback

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This is an image of a truck with vent visors.
In-Channel vent visors on a Chevrolet
In-channel window deflectors are a quick and inexpensive way to add weather protection and style to your truck. However, on certain vehicles, a phenomenon called “bounce back” may occur when in-channel window deflectors are installed. This issue prevents your power windows from fully closing when using the one-touch window up feature. There is a simple solution to this frustrating issue which will allow you to keep your window deflectors while regaining full use of your power windows.

The Problem

Image of In Channel Vent Visors on Ford
In-Channel vent visors on a Ford F150

Power window motors are calibrated to know when a window is fully closed. When the point at which a window is calibrated to reach is blocked by an in-channel window deflector, it creates very tight quarters. This can prevent the window from fully closing or even make the window roll back down.

The Solution

Image of In Channel Window Deflectors
In-Channel Vent Visors
First, it’s worth taking a few minutes to double check the installation instructions for your window deflectors. If they’ve been properly installed and you still encounter the bounce back issue, it’s time to recalibrate your power window motor.

Begin by sitting in the driver’s seat of your vehicle with all of the doors closed. With your vehicle turned on, engage the window-up switch and hold until the window stops. Continue to hold the switch in place for five seconds. Once this is done, leave the windows in this position for 48 hours. This allows the window seals to conform with the thickness an in-channel window deflector adds. After 48 hours you should no longer experience the bounce back phenomenon; however, the process may take a little longer in cold weather conditions.

If you have any more questions about the window deflector bounce back phenomenon or if you’re interested in getting window deflectors for your truck, contact our team of experts today. They’re standing by to help you choose the right window deflectors for your ride.