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Vision X Optimus Round LED Lights

Product Information
List Price:
$148.75 - $298.75
Our Price:
$119.00 - $239.00
5 (4 reviews)
Product Options
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  • 10° Spot Beam
  • 20° Driving Beam
  • 60° Flood Beam
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    • Housing constructed from 6061 aluminum
    • Unbreakable polycarbonate lens
    • Black powder-coat finish
    • 10 Watt white LED lights
    • 3.7” Round light
    • Vision X designed stud mount
    • Available in singles and doubles
    • Limited Lifetime Warranty

    Vision X Optimus round LED lights offer an abundance of light from a small unit. Superior light output combined with a variety of available beam patters makes these Vision X lights a must have! Why surrender style for light when you don't have to? The compact light will amaze you every time you flip the switch.

    Constructed from lightweight, corrosion-resistant aluminum ensures these lights will look good for years to come. Vision X also uses tough polycarbonate lenses for added protection from dirt, moisture, and other elements you'll find over the river and through the woods.

    With small lights often comes excessive heat, however Vision X has equipped these lights with Prime Drive technology which is an automatic dimming circuitry. The circuitry watches the internal temperature which will kick on a two-stage cooling system if it becomes too warm, with that the light dims for a fraction of a second, unnoticeable to the eye, which lets the LED bulbs cool. This technology allows Vision X to achieve a 50,000+ hour average lifespan and offer a lifetime warranty

    100% light output, small housing and a sleek black look; how could you go wrong with the Vision X Optimus LED off-road lights? Check them out today!

    Beam patterns explained


    Truck lighting beam patterns (side-view)
    Truck lighting beam patterns (top-view)



    What is the difference between driving lights, spot lights, fog lights, and flood lights?

    Driving Lights

    Often referred to as fog lights, driving lights have a beam that is able to travel a longer distance, but not as wide.  Driving lights perform best when used to supplement your high-beams.  Or they may be aimed lower and supplement your low-beams.

    Spot / Off-Road Lights

    Spot lights are strictly for off-road usage due to their powerful, tight beam.  Using an array of spot lights will offer more coverage by aiming them at slightly different angles.

    Fog Lights

    Fog lights are generally mounted low on the vehicle such as the bumper or bumper grille.  The light pattern is very wide, with a flat horizontal cutoff.  When properly aimed, fog lights are the perfect complement to your low-beams.  This is by far the most popular beam pattern and are installed on many vehicles from the factory - though there's always room for improvement by upgrading your existing fog lights.

    Flood Lights

    Flood lights have a beam pattern that may be similar in width to a fog light, but the beam does not have a horizontal cutoff.  Therefore they are also for off-road use only.  As with spot lights, a mounting location high on the vehicle is ideal.

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    California Residents: Prop 65 Warning


    Watch This Video
    Optimus Square 10-Watt LED Pod from Vision X


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    Part #: VSX-XIL-OPR120KIT Posted on
    Was this review helpful?
    (CLARK, MO)
    Vision X Optimus
    Part #: VSX-XIL-OPR120KIT Posted on
    Was this review helpful?
    (Henderson, NV)
    Price / Value
    Ease of Installation
    I bought these from you site toncomplete my Ironcross Industries front bumper on my Jeep Rubicon. These are the exact same lights that Ironcross offers for sale with the bumper for over $300 a pair. I purchased from you for far less money, the only difference is that these say 'Vision X' instead of 'Ironcross' on the front ring.
    Part #: VSX-XIL-OPR120KIT Posted on
    Was this review helpful?
    (Killeen, TX)
    Part #: VSX-XIL-OPR110KIT Posted on
    Was this review helpful?
    (Littlefield, TX)
    Price / Value
    Ease of Installation
    Wire harness needs to be longer from the ground out to the lights. Had to zip tie the harness down low on the frame to reach passenger side.


    Limited Lifetime Warranty

    Proof of purchase is required to validate warranty and is valid from the original date of purchase. All products must be bought through a Vision X Authorized Dealer or one of their dealers/resellers.
    • Improper installation, accident, abuse, neglect and normal wear are not covered under warranty.
    • Lights operated in environments over 150o Fahrenheit are not covered under warranty.
    • Warrantied items will be repaired to working condition and returned without cosmetic alterations.
    • Warranties should be handled through the dealer/reseller the product was purchased from; customer is responsible for delivery to Vision X Returns in Washington.
    • If product is not under warranty, customers will be responsible for shipping return shipping charges.
    • Additionally, non-warranted items can be repaired at the customer’s expense of parts and labor, at the discretion of Vision X Lighting, who will provide an estimated repair cost before proceeding with the repair.


    Vision X Optimus round LED lights are an easy at home installation. Mount them with the Vision X designed stud mounts.