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WeatherTech Side Window Deflectors 80765

Product Information
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5 (2 reviews)
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Vent Visor Kit:
Front Pair - Dark Smoke
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  • Available in light or dark smoke
  • Vehicle specific design
  • Maximize your fresh air enjoyment
  • Sleek & aerodynamic appearance
  • In-channel mounting
  • Available for front & rear windows
  • Keeps rain out & wind noise down


WeatherTech side window deflectors and rain guards are the best of the best. Picture yourself cruising down the highway, wind streaming through your hair! Wait, what's this? Rain drops are falling and you have no choice but to shut the window. Now's not the time to be cutting yourself off from a steady stream of oxygen, but you don't want to get your new shirt soaked. What can you do? The answer to that is "Weathertech custom side window deflectors."

The custom styled window deflectors by Weathertech allow fresh air enjoyment, without unnecessary hazards. Ingeniously designed, these vent visors will cut down on wind noise and stop rain from entering your ride. Made to resemble an OE appearance, these wind guards are going to add an unmatched look to your ride.

Weathertech side window deflectors are crafted from high quality tinted acrylic, available in light or dark smoke, ensuring long lasting performance and unmatched style. Precision-machined, these window deflectors are designed vehicle specific, perfectly fitting your vehicle. Available in dark smoke, these vent visors will match any color scheme out there. They help to reduce wind noise and allow interior heat to escape.

If your vehicle can use added style and function and you enjoy fresh air without the wet shirt, these vent visors are perfect you! Made by Weathertech.

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  • 2015-2017 Ford F150 SuperCab, SuperCab
  • 2015-2017 Ford F150 SuperCrew, SuperCrew
  • (2017) Ford F250
  • (2017) Ford F250 Crew Cab, Crew Cab
  • (2017) Ford F250 SuperCab, SuperCab
  • (2017) Ford F350
  • (2017) Ford F350 Crew Cab, Crew Cab
  • (2017) Ford F350 SuperCab, SuperCab
  • (2017) Ford F450
  • (2017) Ford F450 Crew Cab, Crew Cab
  • (2017) Ford F450 SuperCab, SuperCab
  • (2017) Ford F550
  • (2017) Ford F550 Crew Cab, Crew Cab
  • (2017) Ford F550 SuperCab, SuperCab
  • (2017) Ford Raptor SuperCab, SuperCab
  • (2017) Ford Raptor SuperCrew, SuperCrew


This product offers an easy, at home no drill installation. The installation manual is clear cut and easy to read. For additional information, please see the installation manuals below. You may also call us toll free at 1-866-309-1907 or 701-253-5906.
PDF Icon WeatherTech Window Deflectors Installation (Main)
PDF Icon WeatherTech Window Deflectors Installation (ExtendedCabs)
Watch This VideoHow to Install WeatherTech Side Window Deflectors

3 Year Warranty

Weathertech offers a 3 year warranty on their custom vent visors.


Watch This VideoHow to Install WeatherTech Side Window Deflectors
Watch This VideoWeatherTech Side Window Deflectors - Fast Facts
Watch This VideoWeatherTech Side Window Deflectors

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Part #: WET-80765 Posted on
Was this review helpful?
- 2016 Ford F150 (Gary, IN)
Price / Value
Ease of Installation
Part #: WET-80765 Posted on
Was this review helpful?
- 2016 Ford F150 (McKeesport, PA)
Price / Value
Ease of Installation
Weather tech deflectors work well and will allow the safety sensors on the front windows to work correctly. Another brands deflector made contact with the window triggering the safety sensors which are very sensitive on the Ford F-150 and created a chronic problem raising the windows all the way. The other brand the vents also warped after a couple weeks of installation which prompted my changing to weather tech. I liked them on a friend's vehicle and I liked how they stay in place without adhesive. I also like that weather techs deflector goes all the way down to the bottom of the window frame on the forward part of the window and does not interfere with my electric folding rear view mirrors. These are slightly lower profile than the first ones I used making it more difficult to clean the top of the window underneath. The drivers side the window does make contact and a clicking noise when the window goes up however it doesn't set off the the safety sensor and is a small complaint I can live with compared to the problems I had with a different brands product. Installation was not difficult but some advice from a person with high mechanical ability,,, read and follow the instructions carefully and be patient. If the auto up feature of the window doesn't work property when trying to raise the window during the installation, try pressing and holding the button up will disable the safety sensor so you can raise the window completely. After the widows went up fully and the deflectors seated completely my windows function perfectly. It is normal to have to operate the window several times before it operates correctly. This is the part that requires the patience.