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Westin Ranger LED Auxiliary Lights

Product Information
List Price:
$53.03 - $80.68
Our Price:
$44.69 - $67.99
5 (2 reviews)
Product Options
Select Size
  • 2.4" x 4.2" Rectangle
  • 2.5" Round
  • 2.5" Square
  • 4.8" Oval
Select Beam Pattern


    • LED lights provide instant on/off operation with no warm-up time
    • Available in a variety of sizes
    • Constructed from premium aluminum housing
    • Includes mounting hardware
    • Pigtail wiring harness with connector included
    • 50,000+ hours lifespan
    • Black powder-coat finish for added protection
    • Withstand extreme temperatures (like if you have -40 winters like North Dakota)

    Westin Ranger LED Auxiliary Lights will shine bright like a diamond all while allowing you to have the maximum benefits of LED lights. Obtain a striking look while optimizing your view in the dark of night. Westin's high quality, high power off-road lights offer a sleek design that can revamp your truck while still retaining its native look. These off-road lights will be a great asset to your truck if cruising on the unbeaten path is a favorite pastime for you. Why not have a way to see more of what is around you and experience nature to it's fullest.

    The lights on-board circuitry creates a more efficient power that generates less heat, for a brighter more dominant beam. With a 50,000+ hours of lifespan and aluminum heat skin housing these off-road lights will last and exceed your expectations even in frigid or extreme heat temperatures. These high power off-road lights feature an instant on/off operation and require less power than the HID or halogen lights. Flood or spot are options that are available with the Cree LED lights in a variety of sizes.

    Each light comes equipped with its mounting hardware. A resilient powder-coat finish emphasizes the look while protecting the surface. If you want armored and scratch resistant lights, Westin's Ranger LED Auxiliary Lights may be the perfect fit. Get your ultimate off-road experience started today!

    Beam patterns explained


    Truck lighting beam patterns (side-view)
    Truck lighting beam patterns (top-view)



    What is the difference between driving lights, spot lights, fog lights, and flood lights?

    Driving Lights

    Often referred to as fog lights, driving lights have a beam that is able to travel a longer distance, but not as wide.  Driving lights perform best when used to supplement your high-beams.  Or they may be aimed lower and supplement your low-beams.

    Spot / Off-Road Lights

    Spot lights are strictly for off-road usage due to their powerful, tight beam.  Using an array of spot lights will offer more coverage by aiming them at slightly different angles.

    Fog Lights

    Fog lights are generally mounted low on the vehicle such as the bumper or bumper grille.  The light pattern is very wide, with a flat horizontal cutoff.  When properly aimed, fog lights are the perfect complement to your low-beams.  This is by far the most popular beam pattern and are installed on many vehicles from the factory - though there's always room for improvement by upgrading your existing fog lights.

    Flood Lights

    Flood lights have a beam pattern that may be similar in width to a fog light, but the beam does not have a horizontal cutoff.  Therefore they are also for off-road use only.  As with spot lights, a mounting location high on the vehicle is ideal.

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    California Residents: Prop 65 Warning


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    Quality product great price


    Limited Lifetime Warranty / 1 Year Finish Warranty

    Westin's 1 Year Warranty for driving and off-road lights include manufacturer defects in materials, workmanship, and finish under normal use. The Limited Lifetime Warranty covers towing electrical products with manufacturing defects that occur from wiring, connectors, and mounting brackets.


    The Westin High Power LED Off-Road Lights shine bright and are easy to install. Still need some guidance? Chat with one of our awesome customer service reps @ 877-216-5446.