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> What is a Cat Back Exhaust?-old

What is a Cat Back Exhaust?-old

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One of the most popular and accessible types of exhaust system, “cat back” refers to a section of exhaust that runs from the back/outlet of the catalytic converter to the exhaust tips – hence the name cat back exhaust. A cat back exhaust system is typically comprised of mid-pipe, muffler (or mufflers), tail-pipe, and exhaust tips. Depending on your vehicle model, a cat-back exhaust may include a resonator, X-pipe, H-pipe, or Y-pipe.

Image of the Cat Back Exhaust

What does it do for my vehicle?

Image of a Cat Back Exhaust on a Truck
Cat back exhaust systems are made to be freer flowing than stock exhaust systems. This is accomplished with larger diameter pipes and precisely engineered bends. These features allow the engine to breathe a little easier and reduce the amount of back pressure in the system, increasing your vehicle’s horsepower, torque, and even fuel economy. Of course, these gains depend on your specific year, make, model and existing modifications on your vehicle.

Cat back exhaust systems not only provide performance gains, they also change your truck’s sound. The decreased pressure in the exhaust system results in a lower, deeper rumble. Whether you're looking for more grunt or more growl, cat back exhaust systems will definitely change your vehicle’s sound and provide a more aggressive tone.

Cat Back exhaust systems generally bolt right into place at the site of the original system, without any modifications. Additional mufflers and exhaust tips included with cat back exhaust system will add a unique look to your ride.

Performance gains, great looks, and awesome sound are what make cat back exhaust systems popular and a worthwhile addition and upgrade.