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> Wheel Finishes Research Guide

Wheel Finishes Research Guide

So you’ve finally decided you want to get some new wheels for your truck but you’re not sure what finish is going to be right for you, and choosing the right wheel finish to suit you and your truck's style can be difficult. You want the wheels to look great but also be easy to clean and take care of. Kind of like picking out the perfect pair of light-up sneakers when you were younger. To try and make things a little easier we have created this wheel finishes research guide that goes over each wheel finish that we provide and helps you pick out the right one for your truck.

When talking about wheels, chrome wheels are usually what comes to people's minds. This is because chrome wheels  have a mirror-like finish which makes them some of the shiniest, and eye-popping, wheels available. The process of making a chrome wheel is called chrome plating and involves electroplating, or coating,  the wheel in nickel  and then a thin coat of chrome. Sometimes chrome wheels may also have a coat of copper first then a coat of nickel and finally a thin coat of chrome. Truth be told, most of the shine and wow factor is achieved by the nickel coat with the chrome coat assisting in giving the wheel extra shine and a blue hue instead of a yellow hue that nickel gives off. The combination of the nickel and the chrome give you a wheel that is rust-resistant, easy to clean and stylish. When it comes to cleaning chrome wheels you just need to use a chrome wheel cleaner or non-acidic wheel cleaner and spray them down. For extra shine, you can also polish and wax chrome wheels since they are metal coated. Check out our selection of chrome wheels and give your truck a set of wheels that will definitely stand out.

Machined wheels give your ride a rugged look without begging for too much attention and are perfect for someone who just wants to add a little more personality to their truck. The look of a machined wheel is achieved by having an aluminum wheel go through a fine cutting process on a lathe where fine ridges are etched into the wheel's surface until the wheel has a subtle shine. Usually, machined wheels are left alone after this process however some manufacturers apply a layer of clearcoat to the machined wheel’s surface. Because most machined wheels do not have a clear coat on them it is recommended to use gentler, non-abrasive cleaning products meant for machined or polished wheels to avoid scratching or deteriorating the texture and finish of the wheel. Take a gander at our selection of machined wheels and give your ride that refined look you have always wanted.

Polished wheels are actually machined aluminum wheels that have been buffed by hand or on a lathe to the point of having a sleek shine that’s noticeable, but not as bright as chrome. In other words, polished wheels are perfect if you like the idea of chrome wheels, but want a more subdued shine. Usually, the polished wheels are left unprotected but some manufacturers apply a high gloss clear coat. Because of this, one potential downside to polished wheels is that they do require more upkeep than other wheels as they are mostly unprotected and require frequent cleaning and polishing to maintain their look. To maintain a polished wheels look, it is recommended that you use an aluminum-specific wheel cleaner and polish – if you use other cleaners or cleaners meant for chrome wheels they may leave permanent stains on your polished wheels.  Although polished wheels sound like a lot of work to upkeep, with proper cleaning and care you will have a set of stylin’ wheels for your truck that maintain a shine and wow factor close to that of chrome wheels. We have a great selection of polished wheels that will boost your ride’s style and with free shipping on everything, it’s never been easier to get the wheels you have been looking for.

Painted Wheels
Painted wheels are the life of the party, offering endless color possibilities to suit whatever look you’re going for.Typically, painted wheels are made using a process called powder coating which is  achieved by applying a powder-coat which is a dry, powder-like coating that’s been tinted and then is baked to adhere to the wheel, or by using a specially formulated wet paint. Whether your wheels are powder coated or done with a wet paint, cleaning is fairly simple as you just want to to make sure and use a cleaning product designed to be used on powder coated or wet-painted wheels. If you use a cleaner not designed for wet painted or powder-coated wheels the cleaner may eat away at your finish and cause it to fade or, worse yet, completely come off. As stated earlier painted wheels have endless color possibilities and below you can see the most popular colors we provide. Click on the color name or the picture to check out the wheels we provide in that particular color.

Anthracite Wheel
Anthracite (Gunmetal)
Black Wheel
Bronze Wheel
Silver Wheel
White Wheel