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Superwinch Winches

Some say variety is the spice of life. RealTruck says it's essential when it comes to choosing the next recovery winch for your truck or ATV. RealTruck carries an extensive amount of Superwinch Recovery Winches so you can choose the absolute best fit for your pickup, ATV or UTV! We carry the popular Superwinch AC Series and cover capacities from under 2000 lbs all the way up to 16,500 lbs. Read More

11 Products

11 Products

With features like freespooling, automatic drum breaking and power-in and power-out, we've got your back. Or should we say, we'll pull you out! Used for boating, offroading and everything in-between, Superwinch is known in the industry as a standard supplier that can meet your needs.

RealTruck carries a wide variety of winches including AC Winches, Off Roading Models, EPi Recovery Series Winches, the EXi Winch and your standard Crane Winch.