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Y-Pipes & Mid-Pipes

The middle piece to a full exhaust system upgrade, in between the performance header and performance exhaust is the Y-Pipe or Mid-Pipe. Built on the same premise as the rest of the exhaust, larger diameter, mandrel bent pipe allow for more flow, more noise, and more power. Race version and Street version let you choose between an equipped catalytic converter and no converter.

Performance Y-Pipes and Mid-Pipes are the missing piece from most exhaust systems.
While cat-back exhaust systems add performance and an aggressive growl they don't replace the entire exhaust system and leave performance on the table. The Y-Pipe or Mid-Pipe links your performance header with the rest of the exhaust system and typically use larger diameter, mandrel bent piping for more power and torque. Equipped with either a high flow cat or no cat at all, no system is complete without a performance y-pipe or mid-pipe.

Y-pipes get their name from their shape, typically connecting the left and right bank of a V8 or V6 engine into a high flow collector that attaches to the rest of the exhaust system. True Dual exhaust system don't have a Y-pipe but can come in other configurations, like X-pipes, Mid-Pipes, Connection Pipes, or Crossover Pipes. No matter the name the purpose is the same - more flow for more power.