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BakBox 2 Tonneau Tool Box

  • BakBox 2 Tonneau Tool Box
  • BakBox 2 Tonneau Tool Box
  • BakBox 2 Tonneau Tool Box
  • BakBox 2 Tonneau Tool Box
  • BakBox 2 Tonneau Tool Box

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Bak Industries
BakBox 2 Tonneau Tool Box
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  • Works with all BakFlip and Roll-X tonneau cover
  • Designed to hang from your cover's rails
  • Folds up when not needed
  • Handles up to 200 lbs of weight
  • Insulated & works great as an ice chest
  • Easily removed if needed
  • Made in the USA

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If you have a Bak tonneau cover on your truck, then you already know how functional and secure it is. Now you can take that functionality and security one step further by adding a BakBox 2 tonneau tool box. This tool box will give you the ability to go from an everyday driver, to a work truck, to a mobile party spot, and back again with ease. The BakBox 2 is based off of the design and success of the original Bakbox and brings refinements to you. This tool box now works with both the folding Bak Flip and Roll-X tonneau cover designs!

The BakBox 2 has an awesome folding feature that allows it to fold up and tuck the box away against the bulkhead. This gives you an additional 10 inches of space for your stuff. Bak designed the rails of the Roll-X and Bak Flip to be sturdy enough to have more than one BakBox 2 at a time. Each BakBox 2 tool box is made from the same insulated panels as the BakFlip cover. This means its durable and heavy duty, storing up to 200 pounds of tools or cargo safely. This is twice the capacity of the original BakBox! Simply add a couple bags of ice and you now have the perfect size party cooler! A nifty little sliding tray is included to keep small items organized.

Your BakBox 2 tonneau tool box will take no time at all to assemble and it simply hangs from your cover's side rails. If you notice that there is no lid, don't worry since your cover acts as a lid for the toolbox. It's time for you to make the most out of your truck bed cover. Get the BakBox tonneau tool box, its sleek, functional, fun, and most importantly it's only there when you care!

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The BakBox2 cargo storage box is simple and easy to install at home without drilling. For additional information take a look at the example install sheet below or please call us at 1-877-216-5446 or 701-253-5906.

PDF IconBakBox2 Installation Instructions
Example Installation instructions for the BakBox2 Tonneau tool box.


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