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Ford Bug Shields

Ford Bug Shields

Insects aren't going away.  No matter how much we wish for it.  The next best line of defense for your vehicle is a Ford bug shield.  Check out our extensive offering of over 20 different product lines from brands like Husky Liner, EGR, Lund, WeathTech, and more.  All shipped to you free of charge.  RealTruck's Ford bug deflectors come with manufacturer warranties and the RealTruck legendary customer service.  Our pledge is to Deliver More to you.  Come see what that's all about! Read More
30 Products

30 Products
Features and Benefits
The Ford bug shield is truly a marvel of science.  It's a simple concept really and it works in two ways.  The most evident is how the deflector "shields" your hood and windshield from insects, small rocks, and dirt by creating a barrier a few inches from the front of your hood.  Pretty elementary science, right?  It doesn't seem like it would provide a whole lot of protection, but because it's made of impact resistant acrylic it can stand up to the test of time and your regular wear and tear.Ford Bug Deflector

Ford bug deflectors also create an updraft that pushes smaller dirt and insects up and over your truck or SUV when you're rolling down the road at a higher rate of speed.  That's when some real science comes in.  It's a little bit like a mini wind tunnel happening.  A little extra help making sure those pests don't make a Picasso out of your glass.  

Add in some UV ray protection and crack resistance and you have the perfect accessory to upgrade your Ford with.  We truly do recommend it to anyone who wants to make an inexpensive change to their truck without having to visit the shop.  Installation is easy and you can read more about bug deflectors in general on our Bug Shield Research Guide.  It talks more about the benefits of DIY and a no-drill, bolt-on install!  

What Style Will You Choose
When you're a company like us, you really get to know your customers and one thing we discovered right away was the fact that ya'll like individuality.  Not a single one of you is run of the mill.  You may order something classic like our chrome bug shield for your Ford, but we had to make sure we had several styles of that from different trusted brands for you to choose from.  Why?  Because not only did you demand choices, but you demanded quality.  
Well, we delivered!

So get clicking and shopping because we've stocked our online store with tons of black (smoke), clear, patriotic (US flag), military, cowboy, flame bug shields, and more.  Don't be shy.  We know the personality in you wants to come out and play!    

Phone Home
We're more than just a vehicle accessory company; we're like your family.  Our Guiding Principles help shape our Customer Service Team are and one of our main goals is to make your life easier.  So give us a call at 877-216-5446 and let us help you find the perfect Ford bug shield or any Ford accessory you may be looking for.  Let us put the smile back in your day.

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Mike Rowe showing us some Ford Super Duty jobs!  And being a totally cool dude, like usual.