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Jeep Bug Shields

Jeep Bug Shields

Ready?  Stand by.  Prepare for impact.  These Jeep bug shields are made from the highest impact resistant acrylic materials so they can withstand mosquitos, moths, monster swathes of gnats, and even killer bees.  Small debris like dirt and rocks are no match for Jeep bug deflectors and with such a large selection, you can’t go wrong.  Get free shipping on any order you make with! Read More
22 Products

22 Products
Features And Benefits
Jeeps are made for real people.  That’s why RealTruck stocks accessories for you masters of the road and off-road adventure.  Making sure we have a wide variety of Jeep hood deflectors is just one small part of ensuring we can outfit your Wrangler, Grand Cherokee, Liberty, Compass, or whatever kind of Jeep you drive with the right protection for your front end.  

Hood shields are the perfect way to keep insects from making a mess out of your windshield.  By acting as both a blocker and an updraft creator, bug shields take a large portion of what would be bug soup on your wiper blades and passes it on to the next poor sucker driving behind you.  Because they’re made impact resistant by brands like Husky Liner, WeatherTech, Stampede, and Wade, you’re certain to get a good deal and a long lasting product.

Made tough, these acrylic Jeep hood deflectors are scratch resistant, impact safe, and ultra-violet protected.  That means when you pull up to the beach to tan you cheeks (both sets), your bug shield won’t be losing its signature color or design.  

Style is a Factor
It’s easy for us to go on and on about how awesome and useful Jeep bug deflectors are.  They are. Totally. Useful.  AND easy to install.  With bolt-on applications or tape-on installs, a guy (or gal) can be back on the road in minutes.  

But enough about convenience and function, what about how it looks.  Well, let’s take a break and talk about upgrading your ride.  We offer chrome, black (sometimes referred to as smoke), and clear bug deflectors for your Jeep. All these styles come with similar warranties and brand installation specifics so you aren’t compromising any function for looking good.  You can also match you trim on your Jeep with your upgrade.  We highly suggest taking a look at our vent visors and fender flares before you head too deep into the Jeep accessory jungle.  They’re an inexpensive and easy way to make a big impact on your vehicle.

Other more flashy designs include the iconic flames, US Flag, military service branch hood shields, cowboy and cowgirl designs and even camo deflectors.

Jeep Talk
Jeep owners are a special breed.  We recognize that and we’re ready to help you get the right Jeep bug shields for your vehicle.  Give our Jeep Lovin' Customer Service Experts a call at 877-216-5446 if this is a little intimidating for you.  We’re happy to help out.  

You can also visit our Bug Shield Research Guide for a few pointers and see some details on installation methods.   

Jeep owners are sometimes awesome, sometimes weird.  We present to you a video combining the two in the loudest most techno fashion we've ever encountered: