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Nissan Nerf Bars

Nissan Nerf Bars

If we’ve learned anything about car and truck manufacturers, it’s that being one of the largest in the world has some advantages.  For example, Nissan is one of the largest in the world (and our galaxy as far as we can ascertain) and they still continue to provide top quality trucks and SUVs to their customers.  Because of their popularity, RealTruck offers 30+ different Nissan nerf bars.  We may not be as big as Nissan, but we sure do have what it takes when it comes to offering variety when upgrading their vehicles! Read More
65 Products
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65 Products
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Features and Benefits
Nissan side steps should be the first upgrade you think of when it comes to accessorizing your truck, sport utility vehicle or crossover.  Their functional ability to provide a non-slip stepping surface is crucial to ensuring a safe way to get in and out of your vehicle.  We consider it an upgrade for yourself and your passengers.  You’ll truly wonder how you ever travelled without them.

RealTruck carries round tube steps in 3” and 4” sizes.  These are great for a minimal look that still adds plenty of step to your Nissan.  We also carry 4”, 5”, and 6” oval side steps.  The flatter design of the oval step offers more surface area for stepping.  While all nerfs we sell are fully operational when it comes to their main purpose, may folks who require more room for their feet to get in tend to lean towards the oval styles when ordering.  

Get the perfect looking finish to match your pickup with our wide selection of colors.  We carry chrome, stainless steel and black.  Not all finishes are available in each product line, but our wide selection of trusted brands ensures we’ll have something to fit your needs.  We also carry some special brands for those looking for Nissan nerf bars that can be painted to match.  A great way to get a custom look!Nissan Nerf Bars

Size is up to you.  Wheel to wheel length nerfs and cab length bars are available.  Simply enter your Nissan model and year information when ordering.  You’ll be given the option to select your preference.  Both are easy to install and come with detailed instruction from the manufacturer.    

Enhanced Style
It’s arguable why people really purchase nerf bars for their Nissan.  Once you have them, you can always argue it’s simply to make stepping in and out of your high clearance vehicle easier.  But we’re pretty sure we’ve got our customers figured out.  You see, we own trucks too.  We see how great a fresh pair of side steps look on an SUV and we’ve also seen how wonderful the heavy duty stainless steel performs over the life of the vehicle.  We’re big enough to admit to some vanity when it comes to making our rides look hot on the blacktop.  We’ve stocked our shelves so you have the option to do the same!

Customer Service with a Smile
That’s an old expression, but one that suits us.  RealTruck operates on Guiding Principles that help us remain true to our main goal – making the lives and vehicles of our customers better.  

One way you can join our goal is by calling us if you need help or get stuck on our website.  877-216-5446 is our Nissan nerf bar hotline.  You can also ring us if you want help with any other Nissan accessories.  

Power on through to Nissan Titan side steps and Nissan Frontier nerf bars and find the custom tube steps for your truck now.

Reading our Nerf Bars Research Guide is one way to make sure you have the best information when it comes to making a your tube step selection. 

One of our instant favorite commercials from Nissan. Although totally unrealistic, it's nice to pretend.