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Dodge Ram 3500 Running Boards

Dodge Ram 3500 Running Boards

We carry a TON of Dodge Ram 3500 Running Boards.  Over 20 different styles mean a huge amount of choices for you.  Don’t get too distracted yet, we have something else to tell you.  Once you add in the finish options the number of running boards for your Dodge Ram 3500 increases exponentially.  Is your head still attached?  Hold on to it because we pay for shipping on every pair of these ordered in the continental US.  Okay… we just totally blew your mind, didn’t we? Read More
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Iron Cross Patriot Boards
Iron Cross Patriot Boards
From  $417.00
Lund Vehicle Specific Mount Kit EZ Bracket Running Boards
Lund EZ Bracket Mount Kit
Only  $97.99
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Dee Zee NXt Running Boards
Dee Zee NXt Running Boards
From  $228.95
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Iron Cross HD Step
Iron Cross HD Step
From  $399.94

46 Products
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Features and Benefits
You drive a beast.
Dodge Ram 3500 Running Board
Admit it.

Your Dodge Ram 3500 is a HUGE truck and while some people are intimidated by size, you laugh in its face.  Fear is not an option for you and you gladly manhandle your pickup the way it was meant to be driven. 

All that aside, let’s admit to one drawback.   It’s kind of hard getting in and out of your truck sometimes.  That’s why RealTruck started carrying so many different kinds of Dodge Ram 3500 running boards in our online stock.  We recognized how wonderful it was to enter and exit a vehicle on a solid, wide, non-slip surface.  The grip pad made to work in rain, snow, sleet, mud, and whatever else nature tends to throw at it.  

RealTruck offers Ram 3500 side step boards in a variety of different materials.  All are non-corrosive and backed by their manufacturer’s warranty.  Choose from two different types of aluminum, steel, stainless steel, and molded ABS plastic.  All are weight tested.  

Because we realize no two trucks owners are alike, we carry different length options as well.  Cab length is our most popular size, but we also carry bed section running boards and full wheel to wheel boards for the complete look.

Additional features are available on a few select brands.  Check out new innovations in running board technology that include lighting for safety (and coolness), storage features (your running boards become storage lockers), and powered boards.  Powered boards are side step boards that tuck up under your truck when not in use.  A great way to get a minimalistic look!

Get more side step board information with our Running Board Research Guide.  Also check out the differences in side steps and tube steps in our Nerf Bars and Running Boards Comparison Guide.

Matte or Shine?
After you’ve chosen your length, style, and any other additional features, you’ll need to select your finish.  Because we have such a wide selection of Dodge Ram 3500 running boards, you get the full selection of finishes at your disposal.  (Please note: some finishes are not available on all styles.)

For the classic look, choose chrome.  If you’re matching with some smoke colored vent visors and bug shield we suggest picking black.  But don’t feel like those are your only options.  You have polished, silver, brushed, and paintable running boards to contend with!  Paintable is a great option if you want the perfect color match on a custom job!

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Call us for any questions regarding your Dodge Ram 3500 Running Boards or any Dodge Ram 3500 Truck Accessories.  We’re happy to help you shop!