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Ford Running Boards

Ford Running Boards

RealTruck stocks a huge selection of Ford Running Boards for your truck, SUV, CUV, and even your van.  In fact, it’s so big that we’ve had to get rid of lesser, more inferior product on our website to make “digital room” for these awesome beasts of steel and aluminum quality.  So start clicking and shopping.  We guarantee you’ll find something that will work for your Ford truck or sport utility vehicle when it comes to side step boards.  To make things easier on your wallet, we’ll ship every pair we sell to you free. Read More
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ICI Magnum Nerf Bars
ICI Magnum RT Steps
From $277.70
Iron Cross Patriot Boards
Iron Cross Patriot Boards
From $417.00
Iron Cross HD Step
Iron Cross HD Step
From $420.99
Factory Mail-In Rebate
Dee Zee FX Running Boards
Dee Zee FX Running Boards
From $242.95

46 Products
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Features and Benefits
Ford doesn’t make dinky trucks or SUVs.  Not that we’ve encountered.  Even their CUVs tend to lean a little on the substantial side.  So when it comes to making adjustments for ground clearance, RealTruck takes getting the best brands of Ford running boards seriously.  

The goal is to give you a wide and solid step to get in and out of your vehicle safely.  Our manufacturers use materials like aluminum, steel, and molded ABS plastic to make side step boards for your Ford that are not only heavy duty and corrosion resistant, but can withstand the weight you apply and years of use as well.  

A running board is only as good as the area it covers.  Getting the right fit is important as well.  We carry custom made Ford running boards that are fit specifically to the year, make, and model of your vehicle.  That means you’re getting a pair of boards that are going to fit perfectly to your ride without the hassle of trimming or overhang.Running Board for Ford Pickups  

Speaking of overhang or improper fit – you can choose your length if you have a particular look in mind.  Check out our Ford side boards that come in cab length, bed length (to complement the cab length), and full wheel to wheel running boards for your truck.  All look finished with end caps or specially fitted pieces to make the upgrade come together for a complete look.  

It’s Not Really Finished Until You…
… put some clothes on it.  You know what we’re talking about.  Your truck is naked and you know it.  It’s why you’re surfing for running boards right now.  Whether you’re checking out side step boards for your SuperDuty or your F150, we know that you think there’s a big hole in your heart when you start thinking about your best girl.  

While it’s true boards can be completely utilitarian, brands like Dee Zee, Rampage, and Iron Cross are stepping up to the plate to give you a wide variety of choices when it comes to finishes and styles to choose from.    For example, we carry paintable, polished, black, chrome, brushed, and silver running board finishes helping you create a nice look on your truck.  It’s pretty awesome what the right color / tone will get you when you match it to other upgrades you’ve already done or plan to do.  

We’ll only add this one cautionary tale.  Once you upgrade to new Ford running boards, your friends and neighbors will become insanely jealous.  Almost to the point of lunacy.  How crazy, you ask?  Well, we once heard of a man who added a new pair of side step boards to his F250 and the next morning he found his neighbor sleeping in the truck bed.  When asked why the man couldn’t even remember how he got there.  It was almost as if he was hypnotized.  True story.

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We’re in the truck accessory business, so that means we’re experts.  We’ve been doing this for over 15 years.  It’s in our blood and family lines.  We even have a few married couples working here!  Not that they particularly like to admit it… anyway… call us if you need help finding the best running boards for your Ford.  We’re happy to help.

Check out our Ford F150 Running Boards, Ford F250 Running Boards, Ford F350 Running Boards, and Ford Ranger Running Boards.  

And before you’re done shopping, hit up our Ford Accessories page.  You’ll find all our latest and greatest upgrades and literally hundreds of products.  

Side step boards can be confusing.  Get more information with our Running Board Research Guide.  Also check out the differences in side steps and tube steps in our Nerf Bars and Running Boards Comparison Guide.

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