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Chevy Colorado Snow Plows

Chevy Colorado Snow Plows

Midsized does not mean midgrade when it comes to your truck.  That’s why RealTruck offers you the best selection when it comes to Chevy Colorado snow plows.  The seasons will change and snow is a matter of fact, so be prepared for any accumulation that may occur.  Whether you need to move a small, large or even midsized amount of snow, your new plow from can handle it.  To help save you some money, all our plows ship free to the lower 48 states! Read More
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Up here in the great white north ( is proudly located in the tundra of Jamestown, North Dakota) we have the opportunity to test, retest, and test again the plows we sell to you.  Each year we get a few blizzards and inch after inch of snow so that by the end of the season our parking lots look like mini snow mountain ranges.  Do we complain?  Not one bit because we have the pleasure of using Colorado snow plow brands like SnowBear, FirstTrax, Curtis, and SnowSport – tried and true manufacturers that are leaders in the industry and warranty their product for the long run.

Chevy Colorado Snow PlowWe offer both commercial and personal Chevy Colorado snow plows for you to choose from.  These are delineated chiefly by size, installation means, and operational functionality.  We’re happy to give you the low down on how our products work and what might be the best solution for your snow coverage challenges.  Don’t forget to check out our winter gear for your truck.  

Manual Chevy Colorado snow plows are raised, lowered, and adjusted manually (just as the name implies).  This means that if you want to change the angle you push your snow or if you are done moving snow for the day and want to raise your plow, you simply lift the blade into place before taking off down the road or parking it in the garage.  They’re also very simple to use and the blade is easily removed and attached if you like to use your vehicle for other applications.

Hydraulic and electric plows are both considered more commercial end systems.  These units are controlled from inside the cab of your Colorado pickup truck.  They’re super convenient because you can change your push angle, raise your plow, and lower your blade all with the controls near your steering wheel.  You can get a ton of work done while drinking a cup of coffee and listening to your favorite tunes.  

Chevy Colorado Snowplow Installation
Because we sell both front mount snow plows and rear mount snow plows you have a lot of options to consider.  Manual plows are installed using receiver hitches that can be installed to the front or rear of your vehicle – the front is the most popular choice due to the high visibility factor and control.  You’re then able to add and remove your Colorado snow plow blade whenever you choose on your own.  This system can be done on your own.

Hydraulic and electric plows components are a little more complicated.  RealTruck highly recommends you enlist the help of automotive professionals or an auto shop when performing this installation task.  Due to the wiring and hydraulic cabling components of these commercial applications as well as the weight of the blade itself, some teamwork is required.  

Call Us Up Here in the North!
We sell a lot of Chevy Colorado snow plows for a reason, we know what we’re doing.  We’re intimate with snow – way more than we want to be!  Give our plow experts a call at 877-216-5446.  We’re ready to help you with any questions on blades, accessories, plow replacement parts, and mounting options you have knocking around in your brain!  

Need more information?  Check out our Snow Plow Research Guide and get the best tips on how to move snow.