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Performance Turbocharger Kit 1047500

Product Information
Our Price:
Part #:
Turbocharger Kit:
Turbo Thruster II
Cast Aluminum
1994-1996 Ford F250 7.3L V8 Powerstroke, 7.3L V8 Powerstroke
(1997) Ford F250 SupuerDuty, 7.3L V8 Powerstroke, 7.3L V8 Powerstroke
1994-1997 Ford F350 7.3L V8 Powerstroke, 7.3L V8 Powerstroke
  • Not legal for use on vehicles registered in California


  • Increased Performance:  BD teamed up with Borg Warner to bring you Airwerks turbochargers for increased performance.  BD turbos are suitable for daily street driving, heavy towing, and racing applications
  • Huge Horsepower:  The BD Diesel inspired Airwerks turbos were designed to meet the demand of high horsepower applications.  These turbos can provide the needed airflow for over 700 RWHP.
  • Twin Turbo:  Twin Turbo performance kits are available for unmatched performance and horsepower.  These twin turbo kits are specifically designed and include everything needed to complete the conversion.
  • Cooler EGTs:  BD Diesel turbochargers were designed for better flow of cold air while maintaining lower Exhaust Gas Temperatures
  • Less Turbo Lag:  The Airwerks turbos from BD offer quicker spool times with less turbo lag.  This allows for instant performance that will throw you back into your seat.
  • Bolt On Performance:  BD turbochargers for the most part, offer direct bolt on performance.  Kits include everything needed for a complete installation including hardware, tubing, and down pipes.
  • 1 Year  BD Warranty: BD Diesel’s 1-Year Factory Warranty backs all turbo systems.
  • aFe Intake Systems: The aFe Intake Systems are NOT COMPATIBLE with BD Diesel Performance Super BD Turbocharger Kits. Except for Part number BD-1045230

Designed in a joint engineering effort between BD Diesel Performance and Borg Warner's Turbo System Airwerks, these performance inspired turbochargers flow enough air for even the most extreme applications. BD Diesel turbochargers are suitable for racing applications, yet responsive and durable enough for street use and heavy towing. These turbos are designed for minimal turbo lag and big horsepower; all while maintaining lower exhaust gas temperatures (EGTs). These turbos operate at peak performance producing boost while giving your engine the cool dense air it needs for more power. BD Diesel turbochargers can also improve fuel efficiency and eliminate turbo surge, bark, or explosions. BD offers kits that are suitable for applications ranging from 300 to over 700 RWHP. They offer bolt on replacement single turbo kits as well as twin turbo kits that allow users to upgrade their truck for unbeatable performance. All kits come with the necessary hardware needed for a proper installation. Some kits include modified intake tubes, down pipes, etc if needed.

Shipping Notes

This item usually ships from our warehouse within 3-5 days of ordering, unless expedited shipping is selected. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Should you get a power increase when you change the turbo. 

A turbocharger must be matched to the power level you are trying to achieve. Adding a 100 HP fuel modification will over fuel the engine and result in smoke and high exhaust temperature and more HP. Installing a turbo that is matched to the 100 HP fuel increase will remove the smoke, lower the exhaust temperature, improve fuel efficiency, increase bottom end torque and response.

Why BD's new Air Werks/Borg Warner turbochargers different than what is on the market already. 

Our Turbo Engineer, John Todd has not only countless years in the Diesel turbo industry but has spent countless hours working with Air Werks to assemble a list of state of the art components. Into a properly matched set for modified HP levels available with fuel increases on the Dodge Cummins and GM Duramax engines.


  • Dodge Super B Twin Turbos:  This twin turbo kit features a pair of AirWerks S300 turbochargers allowing for maximum power and low egts.  Producing enough airflow to easily deliver up to 575 rwhp, this kit is perfect for competition or heavy towing.  All twin turbo kits include an X-Intake,  flow matched intake and exhaust piping, and upgraded heat shields.  03-07 models also include BD's 3-piece Pulse exhaust manifold.
  • Dodge Super B Single Turbos:  Designed for the Cummins 5.9L, the Super B Turbo Kits easily support up to 425 rwhp.  Featuring an extended tip compressor wheel, double port adjustable waste gate, and shrouded housing, the Super B offers quick spool up, lower EGTs, and no surging.  Kit includes downpipe, clamps, and adjustable waste gate.
  • Dodge Super B Special Turbo Kits:  The Super B Special Turbo Kit is perfect for for competitors in single turbo, diesel only classes pushing 525 rwhp.  Add the larger BD Cool-It Intercooler and nitrous and this kit will deliver unmatched performance.  Kit includes downpipe, clamps, and adjustable waste gate.
  • Dodge R700 Track Kits:  For the ultimate in racing performance, the R700 Race Track Kit features AirWerks S400 and S300 turbochargers with extended tip compressor wheel technology and a high efficiency compressor housing that will support over 700 rwhp. 
  • Ford Turbo Thruster Turbos:  BD's Turbo Thruster upgrade kit for the Ford Powerstroke delivers peak performance.  The 7.3L application features a Garrett GTP38R turbo while the 6.0L applications feature Borg Warner S300 turbos.  Adjustable wastegates and shrouded housings deliver quick response with strong mid and top end power.
  • GM SuperMax Turbochargers:  The SuperMax Duramax Turbo features a AirWerks S300 turbo and creates enough airflow for up to 550 rwhp.  This turbo creates quicker spool up with lower egts.  The SuperMax is a direct replacement turbo and comes with a cast pedestal adapter, down pipe, oil drain tube, hoses, gaskets, and hardware.

PDF Icon BD Turbo Compressor Graph


1 Year Warranty

The BD Diesel Performance Super B Turbocharger Kits are backed by BD Diesel's 1-Year Factory Warranty


This product offers an easy, at home no drill installation. The installation manual is clear cut and easy to read. For additional information, please see the installation manual below. You may also call us toll free at 1-866-309-1907 or 701-253-5906.
PDF Icon 1994-2002 Dodge 24v ISB Single Turbo Kit
PDF Icon 1994-2002 Dodge 5.9L Cummins 24v ISB.pdf BD Single Turbo
PDF Icon 2001-2004 ChevroletGMC LB7 Duramax Single Turbo Kit
PDF Icon 2003-2004 Dodge 24v ISBe Single Turbo
PDF Icon 2004½-2007 Dodge 5.9L Cummins 24v ISBe (600 motors only) Single Turbo
PDF Icon BD Twin Turbo Kit 1994-1998 Dodge 12v 6BTA
PDF Icon BD Twin Turbo Kit 1998½-2002 Dodge 24v ISB
PDF Icon BD Twin Turbo Kit 2003-2007 Dodge HPCR ISBe