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Dee Zee Diamond Plate Bed Rail Caps
Dee Zee Diamond Plate Bed Rail Caps
Only:  $116.95  
Bushwacker Smooth Bed Rail Caps
Bushwacker Smooth Bed Rail Caps
Only:  $108.99  
ICI Stainless Steel Bed Caps
ICI Stainless Steel Bed Rail Caps
From:  $88.99  
Pacer Bed Rail Protectors
Pacer Bed Rail Protectors
From:  $37.99  
Stampede Smooth Bed Rail Caps
Stampede Smooth Bed Rail Caps
Only:  $84.95  
Wade Ribbed Truck Bed Cap
Wade Ribbed Bed Rail Caps
Only:  $96.99  
Wade Smooth Bed Rail Caps
Wade Smooth Bed Rail Caps
Only:  $92.19  
ICI Diamond Plate Bed Rail Caps
ICI Diamond Plate Bed Rail Caps
From:  $92.99  

Bed Rail Caps

There are dozens of reasons why owning a Ram 1500 is awesome, but being able to add truck accessories has to be in the top three.  Protecting and upgrading your style with Dodge Ram 1500 bed rail caps should be your top priority.  Check out our name brand manufacturers, limited lifetime warranties, and totally free shipping to the contiguous United States and you’ll see why landing on may be the best thing that has happened to you all day!
Features and Benefits
When you think of the reasons why you need Dodge Ram 1500 bed rail caps the number one thing that pops into your cranial compartment is most likely protection.  Getting an added layer of aluminum, stainless steel, ABS plastic or even tough and rugged vinyl between your truck’s scratchy foes and the side bed rail tops is important.  Not only do Ram 1500 truck bed rail caps protect against scratches, denting, and paint chips, they’re made to cover up past evidence of use and abuse.  

They’re a pretty versatile product.  Heck!  They’re even UV stable – meaning the black options don’t fade or crack after years of exposure in the sun.  Unlike your Aunt Agnes who seems to think she’s The Girl from Iponema!  

Applying your brand new Ram 1500 bed rail caps is a breeze.  Most installation processes for our brands, like Dee Zee, Bak, and Stampede, are a no-drill affair.  Automotive tape is the application method of choice and the process is something you can do in your own driveway.  Suddenly, it’s like you’re McGyver.  You can make an awesome truck upgrade with only a few simple ingredients shipped free to your front door.  Man!  McGyver didn’t even have it that easy!

Stylin’ Ram 1500s Galore!
We know the Ram 1500 is a popular truck so we’ve taken the time to add over 15 different styles of bed rail caps to choose from.  To set yourself apart from the crowd (believe me, there will be a crowd hanging out at your house by the time you’re done installing everything you buy from us) you need options!

Select from classic shiny chrome-like surfaces in aluminum or stainless steel.  Order in smooth or diamond pattern.  These are great for accenting running boards or even grill guards and bull bars on your truck’s front end.

Another route to take is by going a little bit sleeker (is that even a word?).  Black Ram 1500 bed rail caps can be ordered in smooth and ridged options.  The best examples we’ve seen on the road are paired with truck bed caps and tonneau covers.  

Call Your Truck’s Fan Headquarters
Okay, so your truck doesn’t technically have a fan headquarters, but we would surely be the first in line to apply for it.  Our Customer Service Team is dedicated to helping you with any bed rail cap question you may have or can help you find any other Dodge Ram 1500 accessories you may be pining for.  Let us know how we can help improve your vehicle and make your life easier!