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ICI Stainless Steel Bed Caps
ICI Stainless Steel Bed Rail Caps
From:  $88.99  
ICI Diamond Plate Bed Rail Caps
ICI Diamond Plate Bed Rail Caps
From:  $92.99  

ICI Bed Rail Caps

If you think your truck bed is looking a little dull around the edges, it’s probably time to invest in a pair of ICI bed rail caps. With your choice between either diamond plate aluminum or polished stainless steel, you’ll have no trouble keeping your truck bed looking great for years to come. We deliver every pair of these sweet accessories to anywhere in the lower 48 states with completely free shipping too.
We’re all about doing anything we can to keep as much of your own money in your pocket as possible.

Brand History
ICI has over two decades of experience invested into crafting some of the finest aftermarket truck accessories available on the market today. The company manufactures its products around the world and orders its construction materials in bulk amounts, keeping down expenses and passing those savings along to the consumer. Their stuff is also made to look awesome and install easily onto your vehicle, making customizing your truck with their goods painless and affordable.

Features And Benefits
ICI bed rail caps are made using high quality materials and apply easily to your pickup’s box without requiring any drilling. That’s good news for truck owners who don’t like having to put permanent and unnecessary holes into their vehicles. They’re also made to fit your specific truck’s make and model, and are compatible with most tonneau covers. Installing and owning a pair of these couldn’t be any easier unless the company actually came to your house, put them on your truck for you, and then made you a sandwich. We have to admit we’d be mightily impressed if they could do that, but our hats are already off to them anyway for making some pretty awesome stuff.ICI Truck Bed Caps

Most importantly of all, ICI bed rail caps are built tough and will effectively protect your truck bed from getting scratched or dented. There are few things more annoying than hauling heavy loads around and banging up the finish around your vehicle’s box. This is a simple aftermarket modification you can add to your vehicle that will help keep it looking phenomenal, which in turn helps to maintain its resale value. Defend the investment you’ve made in your truck!

These things are so tough, you might be tempted to jump up and down on them just to see if they’ll dent. For your safety’s sake though, this is one case where it’s definitely better just to take our word for it. We do, however, suggest taking a look for yourself at some of our other truck bed accessories like truck bed rails, truck bed mats, and truck bed slides!

Rad Style
Did we already mention how fantastic ICI bed rail caps look? We did, but we’re going to tell you some more because we can’t stress the aesthetic benefits of installing these on your vehicle enough. Simply put, your truck’s bed will never have looked better than it’s about to once you’ve got these bad boys installed. Their refined polished look packs plenty of visual appeal, and there’s no doubt that they’ll get you added attention. Don’t be surprised to find random notes left on your truck bed that say things like, “Those are some sweet looking bed caps you’ve got there.” Sometimes, it’s nice just to be noticed.

Why Shop
This is the age old question that has ruminated in the minds of some of the greatest philosophers the world has ever known. In fact, we believe it was Aristotle who once pondered, “Is a truck really a truck if it is not sufficiently tricked out?” Well, maybe that’s not exactly what he said, but we’re sure he’d agree with the sentiment. It was probably near the back of one of the books he wrote.

In all seriousness, we’ve been in business since 1998, which in Internet years is essentially since the dawn of time. We’ve worked hard to consistently deliver an amazing shopping experience to our loyal customers, empowering us to continue to grow as a company and spread our mission of making life easier for truck owners all across the country. We think that buying accessories for your truck should be almost as fun as owning and installing them, and we do everything we can to make sure you’re taken care of right. Our Guiding Principles keep us driven to excel in all areas of how we do business, and to keep pushing to be better than ever thought possible before.

If you have any questions at all, our highly trained customer service team is at the ready to answer them! Whether you have questions about our products, need to place an order or a hassle-free return, or need to know the MVP of the 1982 Super Bowl (it was Joe Montana), give us a call toll-free at 877-216-5446 and we’ll do everything we can to help you out!

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