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Pacer Bed Rail Protectors
Pacer Bed Rail Protectors
From:  $37.99  

Vinyl Bed Rail Caps

Vinyl isn’t just for making records anymore. No sir, it’s also for making top quality vinyl bed rail caps. is the Internet’s premiere source for these fantastic truck accessories that add both protection to your truck’s bed area as well as awesome style.
We offer free shipping on every order too, just because there’s something about you we think we can trust. Just kidding, we offer free shipping to everyone. We’re based in North Dakota, and that’s just the kind of friendly courtesy we’re known for up here.

Features And Benefits
Where do we even begin describing the incredible features of our vinyl bed rail caps? A good place to start would be to go over exactly why these are an excellent accessory upgrade for just about any truck owner. If you own a pickup, odds are you use for vehicle for hauling things around. However, it’s all too easy to bash, dent, or scratch the edge of your truck’s cargo box when you’re loading it full of heavy items and equipment. In a matter of moments, your once pristine truck could now have a huge blemish that isn’t going to go away easily, or at all.

This is where having vinyl bed rail caps on your truck can spare you a lot of disappointment. They take the brunt of the abuse you throw at your truck everyday so your truck bed doesn’t have to. Go ahead and take on the toughest jobs, hit up the roughest off-road trails, and tear it up in the deepest mud bogs you can find. No matter what you put your truck through, you have the added peace of mind that comes from knowing your truck box is going to come out looking as good as the day you bought your truck. You might have to wash it off of course, but while mud comes clean, dents can end up lasting as long as your truck.

Installing a pair of vinyl truck bed caps is simple as can be. Most applications should not require any cutting or drilling into your truck, nor should professional help be required. Just take a few moments with the included instructions and mounting materials, and pretty soon you’ll be on your way. You can also select a pair that are made to fit your make and model of truck, which ensures a solid fitment. This is about as worry free as truck customization gets!

Enhanced Style
Vinyl bed rail caps help bring out your truck’s style in two ways. For one, they help keep your truck looking great, fending off the normal wear and tear that comes along with daily use of your vehicle. However, they also look pretty cool in their own right. Add some sweet molded ABS plastic or glistening stainless steel to your ride, and we’re certain you’ll stand back and think to yourself, “I have no idea how I even looked at my truck before, because it’s about a million times cooler looking now.” Don’t worry, this is a typical reaction. The past is done and all that matters is that your truck looks as awesome as can be now.

Looking for further style upgrades for your truck? How’s about taking a look at our chrome and billet accessories, vent visors, fender flares, or grille guards? These are but a few options for the style conscious truck owner looking to add more aesthetic awesomeness to their vehicle.

Why Shop
We’re more than just another online retailer. We don’t just sell products, we want to build lasting relationships with our customers. Our goal as a company is to help improve truck owner’s lives and vehicles with the best accessories in the known universe, which might be expanding our search farther than necessary considering no truck accessories have been discovered outside our own planet, but that just goes to show how dedicated we are to product quality. is also committed to offering the best possible customer service anyone can possibly muster. In fact, our Customer Loyalty Representatives are some of the hardest working folks we’ve ever met. Their product knowledge is limitless, they’re always friendly, and we’re pretty sure we’ve them casually carrying around giant hay bales just for fun without even breaking a sweat. If there’s anything in this world they can’t handle then, well, let’s just say there’s nothing in this world they can’t handle.

If you have questions, comments, concerns, inquiries, thoughts, dreams, fears, ruminations, recipes, statements, problems, or anything else to tell us about, then get in touch! The only thing we love as much as truck accessories is talking to our customers, and we’re easy to reach by phone at 877-216-5446, e-mail, online chat, or by mail. We’ll do what it takes to make sure your questions are answered in a timely manner. Our customers are important to us, and we wouldn’t be where we are today without you.