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> What is Wheel Offset?

What is Wheel Offset?

Published Date:
February 13, 2018
fuel cleaver 20 inch d239 wheels rims nitto trail grappler tires

What is Wheel Offset?

Wheel offset and width go together in that the wider the wheel, the deeper the wheel face is toward the inside of the wheel. Some wheels sizes on are only available in one offset, but others give you a choice. Keep the following in mind:

Negative Offset

A negative offset gives an inset or deep-dish look: -44 is deeper than -12. The wheel will also stick out from the truck. Keep in mind that some states require fender flares to cover the width of the wheel.

0mm Offset

A neutral offset, the wheel face is in the center of the rim. 

Positive Offset

The higher the number, the less lip there is on the wheel and the more forward the wheel face will be. A 20mm offset means the wheel face is more toward the outside of the vehicle than a 1mm offset.

Offset Examples

The examples below show offsets from one extreme to the other. Notice how deeper offsets cause the wheels to stick out farther.

2014 chevy chevrolet silverado havoc offroad 4.5 inch lift kit fuel black triton wheels rims nitto terra grappler g2 tires 20x10.5 offset -18

Offset: -18
Fuel Black Triton Wheels, Size 20 x 10.5

2012 ram 1500 fuel polished boost wheels rims 4 inch superlift kit nitto trail grappler tires 20x9 offset +1

Offset: +1
Fuel Polished Boost Wheels, Size 20 x 9

Wheel Offset


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If you have questions about offset, give us a call at 877-216-5446. Our wheel experts will talk with you to determine your wheel offset and help you find a set of wheels you'll love.