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MBRP Performance Smokers Diesel Truck Stacks
MBRP Smokers Truck Stacks
From:  $303.78  

Exhaust Stacks

Your monstrous diesel-powered beast of a machine isn’t all that it can be without a sweet set of exhaust stacks. Never fear however, because we’ve got a full product selection to get you hooked up. With the added big rig style and crushing volume you’ll get, you’ll wonder how you ever lived with your truck before now.
Those duller, less awesome times are in the past now though. Together, and with free shipping, let us look forward to a louder and badder future for you and your pickup!

Features And Benefits
There are a lot of pretty sweet benefits to adding some sick exhaust stacks to your truck. For one, if you’re looking to add volume to your ride’s thunderous diesel roar, this is the way to go. What else could possibly match the awesome thrill of firing up your engine and harnessing the crushing sound of a semi? Short of finding some way to launch your truck into space, not much.

Aside from impressive volume and tone, they also deliver a nice boost in horsepower and overall performance. The extra get up and go they provide is immensely useful if you plan to use your truck for serious work and need to do a lot of hauling and towing. Different models also offer the option of getting either a single or double stack, so keep that in mind also.

Not quite finding what you’re looking for here? Why not check out our standard exhausts, mufflers, and manifolds!

Enhanced Style
There aren’t many upgrades you can make to your diesel truck that look cooler than adding exhaust stacks. They give your vehicle a look that stands out, striking fear in the hearts of lesser vehicles and inspiring awe in everyone else out there on the road. Don’t be surprised to hear a lot of comments like, “Whoa,” and “I suddenly regret buying a ‘sensible’ sedan instead of a totally monstrous pickup.”

You don’t need to be told how rad these things look though. It’s pretty self-evident that these exhaust stacks are, in fact, the greatest thing since sliced bread. You’ll know it every time you take a look at your ride, and everyone around you will know it too when you turn over your ignition and their lawn dies out of fear. They won’t even be mad though. They’ll just be impressed.

Why Shop
We’ve been committed to making the world a brighter and more awesome place for trucks and their owners since 1998. That’s a long time for an Internet-based retailer! We’re in this for the long haul, delivering great products at low prices and offering our customers incredible customer support. Our unique Guiding Principles push us to seek continual improvement in the way we do business, and ensuring that we never settle for the status quo in anything that we do.

If you need help from us with anything at all, then definitely give us a call! Our toll-free number is 877-216-5446, and we’re always super excited to talk to our customers!

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