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Flowmaster Exhaust Systems

Step up your trucks game with a Flowmaster exhaust system. Tons of options to choose from, with different tones available. You want to be loud? Flowmaster can do that.
You want to beef up the sound in your daily driver, but not wake up the neighbors? Flowmaster can do that too. Everything Flowmaster designs is inspired by the track, leading to an excellent tone that also delivers excellent performance.

Flowmaster has multiple different exhaust systems available, which might make things confusing. No worries, we are here to rid the world of confusion - or at least try. Let's start from the bottom of the spectrum when it comes to exhaust sound.

Flowmaster Force II - This is the exhaust for the person who's looking for a model increase in exhaust note over factory. Not everyone wants their truck to scream when you hit the gas pedal, but does want the improved performance and increase throaty growl. The Force II is the exhaust for that customer.

Flowmaster dBX - Maybe a little bit louder than the Force II, this exhaust is specifically designed for import and Euro cars and trucks. So, you got a Tacoma that you think is too quiet and needs a little extra push? This is a good place to start.

Flowmaster American Thunder - This is the exhaust people think of when they are thinking about Flowmaster. An aggressive exhaust note with improved performance. Not sure what else you want from your exhaust system...It's not going to cook you breakfast.

Flowmaster Outlaw - Okay, this is the exhaust that you need if you're looking to scream. This is the Flowmaster's most aggressively noted exhaust, and it's inspired by the race track. This kit is going to deliver maximum growl (it's tuned so it's going to sound good in the cab), and the performance your truck needs.

Now, let's compare what the Force II, American Thunder, and the Outlaw Series all sound like on a 5.0L F150.