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Heartthrob Exhaust Systems
Heartthrob Exhaust Systems
From:  $122.10  

Heartthrob Exhaust Systems

Wisconsin may have cheese, but Minnesota has Heartthrob exhaust systems. They may not taste as good (mainly because they're a truck accessory instead of a delicious food product), but they’ll definitely give your truck the improved tone, fuel efficiency, and rugged style you’re after. We also ship every product you see here for free to anywhere in the continental United States.
With a deal like that, why not order 10 of everything?

Company History
Heartthrob exhaust systems are made right in the heartland of the upper Midwest in the small town of Litchfield. The company is dedicated to bringing the highest quality products possible to the market, and we have to say they do a pretty fine job. In fact, we’re not even sure how you make performance accessories this good unless you’ve got access to some sort of magic, but we suspect it all just comes down to good, old fashioned Midwestern work ethic. Being just one state away in North Dakota, that’s certainly something we can appreciate. This family owned operation has been around for over three decades, which shows that they know what they’re doing and you can trust in what they make.

Features And Benefits
This company uses high precision manufacturing techniques that ensure consistent quality with everything that comes off the assembly line. In every aspect, their stuff hits it out of the park, and they carry our highest recommendation.

The biggest reasons to install a Heartthrob exhaust on your truck are to get better tone, greater gas efficiency, and improved torque. With the company’s Heartthrob exhaust systems, you have the choice of a dual cat-back option that delivers a deep, aggressive tone, or a quieter single cat-back design. We also stock 4” and 5” diesel systems that yield a more moderate sound.

The improvements to your power and torque can’t be understated also. Getting a little extra boost when you’re doing a lot of hauling or towing can really come in handy, as can having more get up and go when you fire up the engine. It also doesn’t hurt that the gas you save will help keep more money in your pocket. For more information on accessories that can help you save at the pump, check out our Gas Saving Products Research Guide!

Why put limits on how much performance you can get out of your truck? We'd also recommend checking out our air intakes, performance chips, fuel system parts, and mufflers!

Awesome Style
Does anything get more stylish than our Heartthrob exhaust systems? Probably not. In fact, there’s more style here on this page than a Paris runway and a classic car show combined. Okay, maybe that’s going a little far, but you’re to turn a lot of heads with one of these on your pickup. When someone asks, “Hey, is that some sweet 409 stainless steel I see on your truck?,” you’ll be able to say, “You know it. And its American made, too!”

Why Shop
Back when RealTruck was founded in 1998 by our CEO Scott Bintz, there was some skepticism out there that an online store could be successful in selling truck accessories. Back then, the very idea was considered radical, and it was thought that truck owners would prefer to shop only in brick-and-mortar stores. Bintz stuck to his vision, and the rest is history. Today, we’re a rapidly growing company that fully believes in the idea that anything is possible when you put your mind to it.

We’ve been in business as long as we have because we strive to stock the best products available at the best prices possible. We’re always seeking to improve how we do business, and our customer service team is second to none. There’s absolutely nothing they can’t help you out with, whether you’re looking for a new exhaust, or want to know how you can keep those pesky raccoons from getting into your garbage cans. It’s our mission to help improve the lives and vehicles of truck owners all across the country.

If you need to give us a call, our toll-free number is 877-216-5446. We always love talking to our customers, and your feedback is valuable for helping us to keep delivering the best service we can!

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