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Highland Super Duty Ratchet Strap 1152700

Product Information
Our Price: $34.95
Part #:1152700
Type of Tie Down:Heavy Duty
Application: 2" x 25' Super Duty Ratchet Strap 10,000lbs - 1 Strap - Yellow
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Ships Oct 28th - 31st


  • 2" Super Duty Ratchet Strap
  • w/ Double J Hook Ends
  • 25" Long
  • 10,000lbs


When choosing a tie-down it is as easy as 1-2-3: 1. Estimate the Weight and Size of the item to be tied down. 2. Choose the Tie-Down with a Load Limit equal to or greater than the weight and the required length. 3.Choose the Buckle and Hook Style. The heart of a tie-down and tow strap is its webbing and the webbing design must be specific to the job. The webbing used to lash kayak to an automobile roof rack requires a different rated capacity, abrasion resistance, and weave pattern than a heavy duty motorcycle/ATV tie-down. Likewise, a 10,000lbs industrial ratchet tie-down has different requirements as well.  Power Web: Combines tubular edge design to absorb side impacts with a unique high strength weave design. Power Web is up to 4 times more cut and tear resistant than standard webbing. Tougher, stronger, and superior to the standard Ratchet Tie Downs. For more information on this or any Highland product please contact one of our Product Line Specialists at 1-877-216-5446

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90 Day Warranty

All Highland products carry a 90 day limited warranty unless otherwise stated. Refer to the product packaging or website for details.  Please call 1-877-216-5446 if you have any questions.