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LED Grilles

Stainless Steel LED Grilles

If you’re looking for the ultimate combination of style and functionality, look no further. Stainless steel LED grilles provide you with an awesome looking grille with added light to the front of your truck or SUV. How will you ever choose which one you like best? Browse these truck grilles from leading brands such as Putco, Paramount, T-Rex, and RBP. Read More
9 Products

9 Products
Our selection of stainless steel LED grilles includes different styles to match your personal style. The LED mesh grille adds rugged good looks and the LED bumper grille is perfect for completing the look of your front end. Some styles include studded frames on the truck grilles to add even more flair. The heavy-duty, stainless steel construction puts your mind at ease knowing its strength and durability.
Don’t fret about the installation – it’s a fairly easy process that requires minimal work. You can even do it right at home so you don’t have to waste time and money taking it to a shop. The stainless steel LED grilles install as either an Insert (replaces or fills grille opening) or complete replacement. Warning – these are BA truck grilles and will cause people to stop what they are doing immediately and stare. You’re cool factor will be way off the charts!
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