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LED Tailgate Light Bars

LED Tailgate Light Bars

LED tailgate light bars come in a variety of designs and styles. Choose from tailgate light bars, mini led light bars, trailer light bars and grille led light bars. Enhance your SUV or pickup truck with a LED tailgate light bar. Read More
21 Products

21 Products

LED Tailgate Light Bar Features
A tailgate light bar is available in many designs and LED light colors as well as multiple functions. Standard has red leds and more advanced multi function and scanning tailgate light bars includes white and/or amber leds. LED light bars make your ride stand out and increases all around driving visibility. Our SUV and pickup truck tailgate lights are easy to install and the LED lights are built to last. LED light bars give you another full set of lights under your pickup truck tailgate or rear hatch of a SUV. Most are a simple plug install and will work with your brake lights and turn signals. LED tailgate light bars add function and style to your ride. Featuring all the top brands, choose including Pacer, Plasmaglow, APC, Recon, Putco and more. From basic to deluxe led light bars. You are sure to find a tailgate light bar that's ideal for your vehicle.

Why Get a LED Tailgate Light Bar?

  1. Well the best answer first, because it makes any truck look gnarly, wicked awesome. 
  2. Secondly, we have all been driving down the highway and got behind some other vehicle that has one of those "cool" led tailgate light bars on the rear of their pickup truck. It's time to let someone else stare at your ride after you add a LED Light Bar.
  3. Of course, anytime you add some extra lights to your ride, you are increasing the safety and visibility. Extra lights letting other drivers know you are stopping, turning or backing up are always a plus. 

Helpful Information About LED Tailgate Light Bars

  • Typical LED tailgate light bar installation instructions: Generally the bar is mounted under your truck tailgate with tape although it could be hard fastened. Most offer a 4 pin plug to plugin directly to your trailer wiring, however you can hard wire any led light bar. Download sample install instructions
  • Direct wire vs Plug n play installation: Direct wiring a LED light bar is the best way to go if you want your lights to still work when pulling a trailer. The plug and play type install makes for an easy install, however since it plugs into your trailer wiring, it would need to be unplugged when pulling a trailer. Vehicle wiring differs from vehicle to vehicle, additional work may increase the more functions the light bar has. Learn more...Coming soon!
  • Tailgate light bar care and maintenance: Treat your led light bar light you would your paint. Use mild detergents and warm water to clean. Avoid using a high pressure water nozzle directly on the bar as the force may peel bar the bar or cause bond failure. Read more.




LED Light Bar Demonstration Video: See a tailgate light bar in action. Warning: this is super cool.


Browse around and check out the various styles and brands. If you want to know even more, just give us a call 7-days a week at 1-877-216-5446, we're here to help! If you are looking for our offroad, driving or fog style led lights, check out our selection of LED light bars.